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About us: {“Αρέσκει τελεία κομ”} is the curated marketplace where customers worldwide can shop online from carefully selected artists, craftsmen, producers and independent shopkeepers in Cyprus, who run their store on our website. Our mission is to discover and bring you some of the most unique creations, hard to find items and best products from across the island, and give you a shopping experience that is simple, secure and fun! If you have questions just email our friendly customer care team who is always available to help out.
Gifts for all occasions: Put a smile in the face of those you care about with a thoughtful gift that they will cherish. Check out our Gifts category where you will discover great ideas as well as personalised gifts that can be customise with your own message or even image. If you are looking for some of the most beautiful gifts for the guests of your wedding party then head to our Wedding/Christening Gifts section, where you will find a wide variety of locally made handcrafted gifts that can be ordered in large quantities and decorated by our team according to your needs before they are delivered to your venue anywhere in Cyprus!