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A charming Diodora Shell, Baby Huayruro and Acacia Seed with Turquoise Stone Solitary Silver Earring


Dimensions: 6 cm long

Materials: Diodora shell, baby huyaruro seed, acacia seed, turquoise stone, silver wire (925)

Handmade In Cyprus

Photo: Charis Panayiotou

Model: Rebecca Katsaris


Store in a safe, dry place: Every piece of Diodora Jewellery is made from materials and objects found in nature. Some of these, like the gemstones, metals, silk and cotton thread, can be adversely affected by liquids and moisture. Storing your natural jewellery in a safe, dry place when not wearing them helps prolong their physical beauty. Store your Diodora jewellery in a soft pouch or clean, folded cloth — to keep them protected. Cotton is ideal but any soft, natural fiber will do. Be sure to keep this in a secure, dry place as well.

Water and seeds: Do not always mix. Treat your natural jewellery just like you would treat your grandmother's precious pearls. Try and keep your natural Diodora jewel dry by avoiding swimming in the pool or ocean while you are wearing it. If they do get wet, dry it as soon as you can with a dry, soft cloth.

Oil and seeds: You can gently oil your seed necklaces, and add a fragrance if you choose. Rub a small amount of organic walnut oil, olive oil, or beeswax in your hand along with an essential oil (optional) and then rub into your wood/seed seeds thoroughly. If you live in a dry climate this may need to be done every few months to maintain the beads but otherwise once a year may be sufficient. Over time your natural beads will darken. This is a normal process.

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Diodora Shell, Baby Huayruro and Acacia Seed with Turquoise Stone Solitary Silver Earring


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