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Bion Herbs

Nicosia, CY

on since August 2019

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About Us

Bion Herbs

Bion offers organic products that promote health and ensure maximum nutritional value and authentic taste. We select the best organic ingredients to ensure the quality of the food that ends up in your kitchen, and also to protect the environment and the well-being of our farmers.

Supporting local farmers

Our company support local small farmers with organic certification for their crops and a passion for the quality of the food they grow. We value the relationship with our farmers because they are critical when it comes to achieving and maintaining top product quality. Our team works very closely with them with a common goal: to offer you the ‘Bion way of life’.

100% Organic ingredients

Organic food has more beneficial nutrients than conventional food. It offers better taste and also more vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that can help you reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and food additives that enter your body. The way foods are grown impacts both our health and also that of our environment.

Produced in the island of Cyprus

Despite its small size, Cyprus is characterised by a rich fauna, much of which is its herbs. Due to the island’ s ideal soil and climate conditions, the Cypriot nature is an endless and diverse herb garden where many ancient secrets for our health and beauty lie. Historically the island’s herbs and essential oils have been very popular for their excellent quality, and until today they are placed amongst the best in the world. There is no doubt that each cuisine’s spices are its “soul” and the Cypriot cuisine stands out for its native herbs and spices. Our products include a variety of herbs that will bring the treasures of the Mediterranean to your cup or plate and will fill you with their ancient magic and aroma!

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Using timeless Mediterranean traditional recipes crafted with the wisdom of past generations, Natural Essential Oils has been medicinally proven to enhance both physical and emotional health. The combination of the natural vegan and non-toxic oil ingredients used in bath, body, facial treatments or in just letting their aroma spread with the use a diffuser, aromatherapy will definitely improve the health of your body, mind and spirit.

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