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Ordering Large Quantities from Areskee.com


The information below is related to items on your website that carry the "QUANTITY LISTING" label, such as wedding favours, christening favours and corporate gifts.

We try to find some of the most unique makers and sellers of favours and event gifts on the island who have experience in producing large quantities, and build a wide variety of amazing gifts so that you can easily find the perfect gift for your event and buy easily, securely and stress-free!

Having your favours decorated with your own material for free!

Our quantity order items do not come with any packaging or decorative material (such as boxes, ribbons, "thank you" cards etc.) unless if those are included in the description of the item. However, all of our sellers would happily decorate your gifts with any additional decorative material you provide and according to your specifications without any additional charges!

Please note that you are responsible for the shipment of any additional material to the seller. To avoid disappointment, please make sure that the seller receives your additional decorative material no later than 10 days before the “Needed by” date you provide with your order, so that the seller has sufficient time to complete and ship your order on time.

Keeping you frequently updated and making sure you don't have anything to worry about

We know exactly how important this day is to you, and our team is here to work closely with the seller and make sure everything goes according to plan. We want, as much as you do, to make sure that your favours will be exactly what you asked for and that they will be delivered on time!

Did you know that you can contact the seller and our customer care team at any point without even having to leave our website, and keep track of all conversations? This way, you can share with us details about your order, ask any questions you have, and request an update about your order's progress whenever you want!

You can start a conversation with the seller simply using the "ASK THE SELLER" button that you can find on the seller's store and on the page of your order. Alternatively, you can always talk to us directly from the "Contact customer care" page that you can find at the bottom of any page on our website.

Acceptance of your order by the seller

Once you place your order and its payment has been validated, the seller will review it and let you know within 1-2 days if they have accepted it. If the seller accepts your order, they are committing to having the order completed and shipped to you by the "Needed by" date and according to your specifications. In case the seller doubts whether they can deliver your order on time or according to your specifications, they will contact you before accepting the order.

In case you choose to cancel your order (before the seller starts preparing it), you are guaranteed to receive a full refund from areskee.com!

Order Preparation Time

Most our sellers typically need a minimum of 4-6 WEEKS to prepare and ship quantity orders, so please place your order as soon as possible, and also to provide the correct date in the "Needed by" field.

Shipment of your order

The order will be delivered by the seller to the Shipping address you provided with your order. Our sellers offer free delivery for orders above €250, while the shipping cost for orders below this amount is €7.50.

In case you chose to pay for your order 50% up-front and 50% cash on delivery, please have the cash readily available for the payment on the day of the delivery.

Ordering a sample

The majority of quantity listings on our website include in their description a link that allows you to buy a sample of the item. The link takes you to another page, where you can purchase your sample - please note that you can only order one sample from each item.

The process you follow to purchase the sample is no different to the process of ordering any other item from our website. Just like with any other returnable item, you have the option to return the sample back to the seller within 15 days from collection (by following our return request process) and get your money back.


You have the option to pay for your order by card, PayPal or bank transfer.

During checkout you will also have the option to place your order and then pay 50% of the order up-front (we will contact you shortly after you place your order for the payment), and the remaining 50% cash to the seller on the day of the delivery.

Please note that the 50% up-front payment option includes an administration fee of 8 EUR. Your up-front payment is non-refundable once your order has been accepted by the seller and is in progress.

Your security

To ensure your security, we will withhold your payment for at least 15 days following the delivery of your order. As a customer of areskee.com, you are entitled to ask for a refund in the (unlikely) event where you experience problems with your order or with the quality of the service you receive from our seller. Furthermore, you can cancel your order at any point before the seller starts preparing it and receive full refund from us!