Each order you place on our website is packaged and shipped to you directly by its creator or the small business selling the product through their store on Areskee.

You can order several items from many stores in a single checkout. Each individual store will receive their own order and will then prepare, package and ship the items you bought from them. If your order items from different stores, you will receive a separate package from each store.

Things to keep in mind

Since many of the items showcased on are handmade, and in most of the cases in limited quantities, stores set their own timings for delivery. The intention of all our stores is to complete their orders the quickest possible. But we also know that good things come to those who wait, right? And waiting for something extraordinary is surely worth it. Therefore, certain items on our site may take longer to deliver than others, but there is a good reason for that. For example, any personalised or made-to-order products will need to be hand-prepared by the store that sells them after you place the order, and this takes time. Therefore, we strongly suggest you place orders for personalised gifts at least 2 weeks before the day you need to have them.

Please note that for deliveries outside the EU, there may be local taxes, which are not included in the original price and might have to be paid on collection.

Order Preparation Time

Depending on the nature of the products you order and the specific store, the preparation of your items times can vary from 3 days to a month. All stores include the estimated time they need to prepare and dispatch the item on the page of each of their products.

Please bear in mind that, since each store is required to send all items included in each order together, the highest estimated preparation time will apply to the entire order. For example, if you order from a store 2 products, one that takes 2 days to prepare, along with a personalised item that takes around 10 days to prepare, you should expect the seller to dispatch both items packaged together in around 10 days time. You can find the estimated time that the store needs to dispatch their items page on each item's page.

Order Delivery Time

Typically shipments within Cyprus typically reach your nearest/preferred GAP Akis Express branch within 1-2 days after dispatch, while home delivery may take a extra day.

For international orders, delivery time can vary widely depending on your location (e.g. Europe or Worldwide) and your local postal services. Deliveries to European countries typically take 6-15 days to deliver, while deliveries to other destinations may take up to 3 weeks. Please note that due to covid, actual delivery times might vary significantly from these estimates.

Cyprus Delivery costs

Delivery costs for each store are calculated and totalled for you at checkout. The cost of delivery varies from order to order, depending on the total weight of the items in the order, on whether the store offers free delivery within Cyprus, as well as the delivery option you choose (i.e. collection or delivery to your door). The method used for the calculation of the cost of delivery applies in the same way to all stores on our website.

Free delivery (within Cyprus)

All stores that offer free delivery carry a "Free delivery within Cyprus" badge on their storefront, and their their products carry a "Free delivery within Cyprus" label above their photo.

Several stores on offer free delivery. When you place an order from such stores, you save money since the cost of the delivery to your nearest GAP Akis Express collection point is paid by the store.

In case you live in an area where home delivery is available, you can choose to have the order delivered to your door, but you will need to cover the small fee (2 Euro) that our courier charges for this service.

Cyprus Shipping options (available for selection during checkout)

- Collection from nearest GAP Akis Express branch

This is our most cost-effective option. You get notified as soon as your parcel is available for collection, and you pick it up from your nearest GAP Akis Express branch. For more information on Akis Express branch locations, contact numbers and opening hours, please click here. Please note that you may be requested to provide proof of ID when collecting your parcel.

- Home delivery

Choose this option if you want your order to be delivered to your door. This option is offered by the shipping company only in selected areas within Cyprus, and includes an extra fee of €2. In case this option is not available in your postcode, you will not be able to see it.

- Delivery provided by the store

This option is offered only by selected stores and is typically used for the shipping of orders that may be too heavy to ship with a courier service provider (e.g. wedding favours that are part of a Quantity Order) and items of high value (e.g. paintings).

International Deliveries

The majority of products available on our website can be shipped worldwide via Cyprus postal services. Each order is sent with the standard delivery method and has its own unique tracking number that you can use to track the order. Packages are sent to your nearest post office, who may choose to deliver the item or notify you when its available for collection.

The shipping rates vary by country and by weight and include the cost of the tracking number. The same international shipping rates apply to all stores on, and are based on the rates advertised by the Cyprus Postal Services.

Our sellers are required to add the tracking number of each international order to the order's page shortly after they dispatch it, so that you can use it to track its progress. To view the order's tracking number, log in and go to the order's page (under “My orders”). To track your order you can visit

Geographical Coverage

Our sellers can ship anywhere across the Republic and of Cyprus, and internationally to most countries around the world. A small number of stores however might ship within Cyprus only.

Shipping insurance

All orders placed through for shipping within Cyprus via GAP Akis Express include shipping insurance that covers for damage claims up to 1000 Euro. If you think that your order was damaged or lost while in transit, please contact our customer care team and/or GAP Akis Express as soon as possible.

Tracking your order

At any point, you can track the status of your orders directly from the page of each order ("My account" > "My orders").

Have any questions, suggestions, or complaints? Your feedback is very valuable to us, so please spare a moment to share your thoughts with our team and help us improve the services we offer you, by sending us your message here.