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Coffee “Irish cream” will open to you the culture of Irish on the coffee side.

One cup of coffee will open for you different facets. A wonderful creamy aroma will fill your home with a pleasant sensation of warmth and harmony. A gentle note of Irish whiskey will give lightness and confidence. Magic taste with soft bitterness awakens and will create a pleasant mood for the whole day.

For today this drink with the unsurpassed taste has won hearts of fans of coffee worldwide.

To make your day nobler it is enough to drink a cup of this coffee with a tile of milk chocolate “Delicate Clouds”. The combination of chocolate sweets and coffee stiffness will set you up for incredible feats.


Weight: 100 gr

Preparation: Prepare coffee is very simple, for this you need to boil Jamaica coffee in briki, pour it on glasses, decorate with a creamy ice cream ball or whipped cream, and a sprig of fresh mint and include an incendiary Latin melody.

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“Irish cream” Coffee

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