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Trying Hlopps for the first time and don't know which your most favourite flavours are yet? Or perhaps you would like to introduce a friend to our healthy, nutritional and delicious energy balls? This is the perfect pack for you - a set of 8 Hlopps, one of each flavour!

The taster Pack, whilst being of normal quantity, is meant to guide you through the different exciting flavours of Hlopps Snacks and help you discover what is most suited to your taste. Following that you may then order your favourites through of "Mix & Match" listing.

For Hlopps Snacks we use a combination of natural, healthy ingredients with high nutritional value. We don't use sugar, salt or palm oil. Each Hlopp is a powerful healthy bite for any person!

Each Pack of Hlopps comes with all 8 different flavours, as described below:

  1. Mrs. Mi - If you’re a Strawberry lover we have the best combination for you! Made of strawberries, almond and whey protein, filled with maple syrup and coconut oil for a yummy taste.
  2. Mr. Coff - If you’re a chocolate lover and addicted to Espresso Coffee, we present you Mr Coff! The combination of dark chocolate, espresso, raw hazelnuts, oats and sugar-less plums creates a unique experience!
  3. Figi Figi - A tasty and healthy blend of dried figs, row walnuts and carob syrup.
  4. Mrs. Goji - A combination of dry sugar-free fruits, non-salted nuts and gluten free ingredients. We also use coconut oil, pure honey, homemade non-salted peanut butter and whey protein to make it even more tasty.
  5. Mrs. Mollie - A Hlopp made out only from dry fruits like cranberries and dates, filled up with oats, home made non-salted peanut butter and molasses. For a better garnish we added coconut crust on the outside.
  6. Mr. P - (short for "mr. pistachio") it’s the most delicate Hlopp of our collection. Each Mr. P is made of dry cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, oats, non-salted home made peanut butter, honey and coconut oil. A must-try!
  7. Mrs. Blubbie - Mango, Blueberries and a combination of dry sugar-free fruits, non-salted nuts and pure honey. We also use whey protein for an extra boost to make it more filling.
  8. Mr. Hambos - Made of dark chocolate (sugarless) with dry black raisins, row cashew nuts and oats. If you are a chocolate lover you should try Mr. Hambos and you wont regret it!


Weight: 50 gr each

Set of 8 snacks

Store in a dry place. Can also be stored in the fridge but preferably without the plastic wrap.

Can last for up to 3 months, but for best results Hlopps should be consumed within 3 weeks from dispatch.

Package: Products come wrapped in a gift box.

Not suitable for people with nut allergies

Produced and packaged in Cyprus

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Taster Pack of 8 Hlopps, Delicious Healthy Snacks (One of each)

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