Frequently Asked Questions

About Placing a New Order

I have a specific question about a product. Who do I ask?

You can start a conversation with the seller using the "Ask the seller" button which you can find on the page of each product. Alternatively, you can send us your question at, or through the "Contact customer care" page, which you can find in the menu at the bottom of any page.

Do I need to have an account with you to place an order?

Yes, only registered customers can place an order.

Can I place orders from multiple stores together?

Of course! Just add the items you want to your basket and during checkout you will only need to make a single payment - even if you are buying from several stores. Once you complete the checkout, a separate order will be created for each store that you just bought items from.

Do different stores on have their own policies?

No, our policies around use of the site, deliveries, returns, data protection apply to every store on in the same manner.

About My Orders

Where can I view or manage my orders?

To view your orders, click on the human-shaped button that you can find on the top right corner of any page on the site, and then click "My Orders". Then click on any order in that list to view its details, print its invoice, contact the seller about that order, place the order again, or request a return.

Can I see my purchase history?

Yes, you can view the full history of all orders you placed with us at any point, simply by logging in and visiting your "My Orders" page.

Can I amend an order after I place it?

No, you can’t amend an order after placing it. You can however use the order’s communication board to cancel the entire order or post a message about the order to the seller. See relevant questions below for more details.

How do I cancel an order I placed?

You can cancel any order within 2 hours after placing it. After that it is up to the discretion of the seller whether to accept your cancellation request. The seller may not be able to accept your cancellation after this period if they already started working on any personalized items you included in your order, or if they have already dispatched the order. To cancel an order, simply go to the specific order's page and leave a message to the store asking them if they can cancel the order.

To do that, click on the human-shaped button at the top right side of any page on the site. Click on 'My orders' From the list of orders select and open the one you wish to cancel. Click the "Start Communication with the seller" button, to send a message to the seller. In case the text box is not visible, click the button "Send new message to the seller". Enter your message in the text box asking the seller if they can cancel the order and click "Submit". You will receive an email notification once the seller receives the messages and cancels the order for you.

Who do I contact if I have an inquiry about my order?

To ask the seller a question about your order, simply go to the specific order's page and post a message.

To do that, Click on the human-shaped button at the top right side of any page on the site and then Click on 'My orders'. From the list of orders, select and the one you are interested in to open it and then click the "Ask the seller" button, to start a conversation with the seller.

If you also want to contact our customer care team, please email us at or through “Contact our customer care team” page which you can find at the bottom of this page (under menu “Shopping with us”).

The store has not responded to my message. What do I do now?

Our sellers can sometimes get very busy, so please be a bit patient with them (especially during busy periods). In case you don’t hear from them within 2 days please get in touch with us and we will try to provide the information you need.

Why for some orders the items don’t include VAT in their price?

At areskee we take pride for supporting local talent and small retailers. Several of the stores on are run by individuals and very small businesses whose annual income does not exceed the VAT threshold. If the invoice of your order does not include VAT next to each product, then the specific store is not VAT registered and therefore their products do not include VAT in their price. Also please note that for deliveries outside of the EU there may be additional taxes which are payable at the point of delivery.

About Deliveries

Where can stores on deliver?

Our Stores can ship Worldwide. We deliver across Cyprus using GAP Akis Express shipping services, and world-wide via Cyprus Postal Services.

Will my order arrive in one or in several deliveries?

A separate order is created for each store you are shopping from. If for example you include in your basket different items from 3 different stores, then as soon as you complete the checkout 3 separate orders will be created – one for each store. Each store is responsible for packaging and delivering their own orders, therefore in this case you will receive 3 different deliveries, which may be delivered to you on different dates.

How long do products typically take to prepare and deliver?

Delivery times vary by product and by order. Some stores sell products that can be dispatched on the same day, while others may need more than 2 weeks to prepare a hand-made that takes time to make. The estimated delivery period information is displayed on the page of each product, but please bear in mind that during busy periods stores may not be able to ship your order within the indicated delivery period.

For more details on deliveries please visit page “Delivery”, which you can find at the bottom of this page (under menu “Shopping with us”).

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can track the status of an order directly from the order's page. Once your order is dispatched by the store, you will also be able to view its shipping status and tracking number there. For orders outside of Cyprus, you can either click on the tracking number once its available, or visit

Will someone inform me once my order is ready for collection/delivery?

For deliveries within Cyprus: Yes, once your order is ready for collection (or delivery to your door if you selected this shipping method) you will receive an email notification from us, as well as a text message or phone call from the shipping company, who will inform you where you can collect your parcel from delivery (or the day and time that your order will be delivered to your door).

For deliveries outside Cyprus: Your local Postal services should inform you accord to their standard procedures.

How much do deliveries cost within Cyprus?

The charges for deliveries within Cyprus by any store on to your nearest collection point are:

1.95 EUR for packages up to 10 Kg

4.50 EUR for packages up to 20 Kg

6.50 EUR for packages up to 30 Kg

The “Delivery to your door” shipping option (where available) includes an additional shipping cost of 1.50 EUR.

How come I cannot see the “Delivery to your door” shipping option when placing an order? (Cyprus only)

Home deliveries are only available to customers in urban areas. If your postcode falls within the zones where this option is available, you will automatically see this option under “Shipping Options” when placing an order. If it’s not there, it means that the shipping company is not currently offering this option in your area.

Do you offer Free Delivery?

Several of our stores offer Free Delivery to customers within Cyprus. Any order you place with them will be shipped for free to your nearest collection point, or to your door for an additional fee of 1.50 EUR in areas where the home delivery option is available.

Where is my nearest collection point in Cyprus?

You will be able to collect your order(s) from your nearest GAP Akis Express branch. You can locate your nearest branch by contacting GAP Akis Express or by visiting their website.

Can I find more details about Deliveries somewhere?

Yes, you can find all the information you need on page “Delivery”, which you can find under “Shopping with us” in the menu at the bottom of this page.

About Returns & Refunds

What is the Return Period? Is it the same for all stores?

You have 15 days from the day you collect an order to submit a return request, and 10 days following the approval of the return request to send the items back to the store.

All our policies apply to every store on in the same way.

Are there products that I cannot return?

Non-returnable and personalized items cannot be returned. You can find out more details about non-returnable items on our page “Returns, Refunds & Cancellations”.

What do I do if I want to return an item?

Before you can return an item you first need to submit a return request for it and have it approved by us. As soon as your return request is approved, you will receive information about the shipping of the order back to the store as well as some other useful information.

How do I submit a return request?

Login and go to your 'My Orders' page. Click on the order you wish to return. Then, select the items you would like to return, using the check boxes on the left. Select option “Submit return request” from the options available above the order’s details. In the next page, for each item you are returning select the reason for the return using the options on the right of each item Enter any additional comments you may have about the return in the text box below, and submit your request.

I can’t find option “Submit return request” in the Order page, why?

This option only becomes available once the order is delivered to you (i.e. when its status is changed to “Completed (Collected)”. Also, this link disappears automatically after the completion of the order’s return period. If your order has been completed and was shipped to you in the last 15 days, but you still cannot see the “Submit return request” option in the order’s page, please contact our customer care team.

Do I have to pay for the shipping of returned items?

The cost for the shipping of returned items is covered by you.

Please bear in mind that In case you don’t cover the cost for the shipping and the store is asked to pay to collect the package with the returned items, they have the right to decline accepting it and have it sent back to you.

Can the store decline my refund?

Yes, stores may decline your returned items and send them back to you if they are not in a sale-able condition or carry any damages. Therefore, make sure that all items are sent back in their original condition, and that you package them very carefully.

When will I be refunded?

We process refunds within 5 working days after we receive confirmation from the store that the returned products have been received and accepted by them.

Can I exchange an item for another one?

At the moment we don’t offer product exchanges. To exchange your item, you need to return it following the standard process, and place a different order for the new item you want – which may be from the same store or from a different one.

What if the store did not receive the returned items?

If it has been a while since you sent your items back to the store and you haven’t heard from us, you can ask the seller whether they received the items you returned or ask us at

About My Account

I forgot my password and can’t log in. What do I do?

Go to “Sign In” and click the “Sign in” button. Click the “Forgot your password” link available there and follow the process to re-set your password. In case you can’t find the automatically-sent email in your inbox, please also check your Junk/Spam folder.

How do I change my password or personal details?

Log in and go to your “My profile” page. From there you can change your password and update your personal details.

About Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for your purchases using a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card or using PayPal.

For orders within Cyprus, in some cases you also have the option to pay cash on delivery. This option payment is only available for orders up to 100 Euro that do not include any personalized/non-returnable items. If not available, this option will not be shown in your list of payment options. Please note that this payment option includes an additional handling fee surcharge of 1 Eur.

To find out more details, please read our Payment methods page, which you can find under menu “Shopping with us” at the end of this page.

About My Data and Privacy

How safe are my credit card details?

At, we ensure that we offer all our customers the highest level of security possible on all orders. Customers paying with a credit or debit card are always re-directed to the encrypted JCC payment gateway, as we do not keep any of your credit card details on our systems.

Who has access to my personal information, and how do they use it?

Once you place an order with us, your personal information is also sent to the store so that they can process and ship your order, as well as the shipping company who needs to know your name, address, and mobile phone number.

Can all stores on access my details?

Certainly not, only stores that you place an order with can access your details.

How are stores on allowed to use my data?

Stores on are only allowed to use your personal data to process your order, and for no other purpose. No store is permitted to contact you outside of, send you any emails or text messages, or share your details with anyone else.

If you feel that any of our stores has violated our policies, or that your data may have been breached or accessed by a 3rd party, please let us know immediately by emailing us at

How do I delete my areskee account?

Simply send your request to, and we will delete your account and data from our website.

About Areskee

Who operates is owned and managed by Areskee Ltd., a limited company registered and based in Cyprus.

Does Areskee Ltd. sell and ship the products on behalf of the different stores on it?

No – We provide a platform to our various stores, where they can together display and sell their products, along with tools they can use and customer-centric policies they agree to abide to. Each store is solely responsible for their own products and data, as well as for fulfilling the orders they receive through

I am not happy with the service I received from a store, where can I complain?

Simply send your complaint to our customer care team, we will read it and get back to you as soon as possible. We are honestly thankful for any feedback you send us, good or bad.

I have some thoughts and suggestions about the website, should I share them with you?

Yes please! Your help is of critical importance to us, and we hope that you can spare a moment to share us any ideas or suggestions you may have, by sending them to We will review them carefully and get back to you with our thoughts shortly after.