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Gift Set of Thyme - Basil - Spearmint - Rosemary, perfect for cooking or even a present.

Discover the treasures of the Mediterranean nature through the Bion series.
Our organic products are carefully selected and handpicked straight from the slopes of Cyprus.
Their deep aroma and rich taste, are indications of their purity.

Rosemary adds rich aroma and flavor to dishes and desserts. It is especially popular in Italian traditional cuisine and it is used fresh or dried.
This unique herb is perfectly combined with roasts and grilled or barbequed food.

Thyme has a strong aroma and taste and is a very popular herb in the Mediterranean cuisine. It is used to add flavor to fish, meat, sausages, tomato sauce, cheese and soups. It adds a unique touch even to very simple dishes, like eggs, olives and vegetables. Use it to flavor oil for your salads and to prepare delicious marinades.

Basil is used fresh or dried in a lot of recipes. It is added at the last moment of cooking, in order to maintain its flavor.
It is very widespread in the Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian. Basil adds a wonderful flavor to roasted food, salads and soups, it is ideal for tomato sauces and is the basic ingredient for pesto pasta sauce.

Wild spearmint is a highly aromatic herb. It is used fresh or dried to add flavor to several foods, like sauces, salads, stuffed vegetables, meatballs and pies. In order to maintain its unique aroma intact, it is added just a few moments before the end of the cooking and it is cut by hand instead of a knife.

We choose a healthy body, spirit and mind.
We choose the Bion way of life.


  • Main Ingredient: Thyme - Basil - Spearmint - Rosemary
  • Content: 10g/ Jar
  • The product is 100% natural, pure and vegan
  • Carefully selected organic wild herbs
  • Made In Cyprus

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Collection of Premium Organic Herbs | Thyme - Basil - Spearmint - Rosemary | 10g/Jar

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  • Made in Cyprus
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