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For Hlopps Snacks we use a combination of natural, healthy ingredients with high nutritional value. We don't use sugar, salt or palm oil. Each Hlopp is a powerful healthy bite for any person!

Hlopps come in 8 different flavours, described below. Choose one of these flavours, they are our tasting package that includes one of each!

  1. Mrs. Mi - If you’re a Strawberry lover we have the best combination for you! Made of strawberries, almond and whey protein, filled with maple syrup and coconut oil for a yummy taste.
  2. Mr. Coff - If you’re a chocolate lover and addicted to Espresso Coffee, we present you Mr Coff! The combination of dark chocolate, espresso, raw hazelnuts, oats and sugar-less plums creates a unique experience!
  3. Figi Figi - A tasty and healthy blend of dried figs, row walnuts and carob syrup.
  4. Mrs. Goji - A combination of dry sugar-free fruits, non-salted nuts and gluten free ingredients. We also use coconut oil, pure honey, homemade non-salted peanut butter and whey protein to make it even more tasty.
  5. Mrs. Mollie - A Hlopp made out only from dry fruits like cranberries and dates, filled up with oats, home made non-salted peanut butter and molasses. For a better garnish we added coconut crust on the outside.
  6. Mr. P - (short for "mr. pistachio") it’s the most delicate Hlopp of our collection. Each Mr. P is made of dry cranberries, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, oats, non-salted home made peanut butter, honey and coconut oil. A must-try!
  7. Mrs. Blubbie - Mango, Blueberries and a combination of dry sugar-free fruits, non-salted nuts and pure honey. We also use whey protein for an extra boost to make it more filling.
  8. Mr. Hambos - Made of dark chocolate (sugarless) with dry black raisins, row cashew nuts and oats. If you are a chocolate lover you should try Mr. Hambos and you wont regret it!


Weight: 25 gr each

Set of 8 snacks

Store in a dry dark place

Product Package: sealed Nylon bag with coloured ribbon.

Produced and packaged in Cyprus

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