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Seven aromatic balms, one for each of the main chakras, to be used during meditation, yoga and other spiritual or meditative practises. Each balm contains a different combination of essential oils that help to stimulate and balance the seven chakras, the perfect aromatherapy for your lips.

Chakras are energy centers where energy is absorbed and released from the body. The primary chakras are located along the central light column, which runs along the area of the spine from the top of the head to the base of the pelvic area, and are relevant to different parts of the body. Chakras integrate the various subtle energy bodies and regulate life force energy, and are key to our integration, balance, well being and very existence. Each chakra has a specific meaning, a colour, a sound, an element and essential oils associated with it.

Sometimes one, or more, of the main chakras can be out of balance, or the energies flowing through them may be blocked. When this happens it has an effect on our health either physically, mentally or emotionally. Using essential oils can help stimulate the chakras and bring them back into balance. The chakras are closely woven into the endocrine system and essential oils can be used to affect the hormonal balance of the body.

Each balm of this set incorporates a different combination of essential oils, that resonate to the specific chakra both physically and spiritually. Each balm carries a unique scent that will help stimulate, harmonise, unblock or balance each of the chakras.

Apply each balm to its corresponding chakra (location explained in the instruction cards which come with the set). For root chakra, apply to either the lower back near the tailbone or the feet- not directly on it and never apply any of the balms on genitals, eyes or mucous membranes. When working on a specific chakra alone, it can be helpful to apply its corresponding balm not only to the chakra’s location, but also on temples, pulse points and below the nose.

The set comes in a handmade fabric pouch with a brief description of each chakra and details on how to use the balms.

This gift set contains: Chakra Balms Set ( 7 x 15ml )

Weight: 300 gr

Made in Cyprus

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Chakra Lip Balms Gift Set

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