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This Face mask in a powder form is based on various types of clay. They are mixed with fresh water , flower water, honey, milk, yogurt or kefir just before application. So they are always fresh without preservatives. Clay is known for its detoxifying, firming, healing and rejuvenating properties.

Available in four options:

1. Detox/whitening, (for acne and oily skin)

A whitening face mask suitable for oily skin ans skin with acne.

This mask is a purifying and detoxifying facial mask for oily skin, for skin with spots, acne and blemishes caused by sun exposure. It contains French green clay, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, essential oil of lemon and tea tree. Whitens and cleans the skin from toxins. Makes the face skin clean and healthy.

2. Detox for normal/combination skin

It is a face mask for normal and combination skin.

Detoxifying and refreshes the skin. Makes the skin looks healthy and revitalised. With essential oils of lavender patchouli and geranium for a soothing and calming effect

3. Detox for longer young skin

A facial mask suitable for over 30 ages.

Face mask, rejuvenates and cleanses the skin. It consists of a mixture of clays, corn meal, primrose oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil, orange blossom (neroli), geranium, myrrh, lemon, sage and rosemary.

4. Detox for sensitive skin

A face and eye mask for sensitive and dry skin.

Face and eye mask with while clay . Kaolin white clay is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Detoxing and refreshes the face and eyes without making it dry. It Contains vitamin E, primrose oil, and essential oil of lavender. Gently detoxifying and cleansing. Leaves skin soft and nourished.

It can be use as a face scrub. mix the mask with water and massage gentle the face and neck area. After massage leave on skin for 8-10 minutes and let the product work as a cleanser mask to your skin.

An 100% natural,and vegan choice for facial care, free from preservatives and additives.


  • Ingredients: kaolin, green clay, corn four, vitamine E, primrose oil, essential oils
  • Content: 120 ml
  • The product is 100% natural and vegan.
  • Made in Cyprus

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Facial Clay Mask, Detoxifying Cleansing Antioxidant


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