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It is the perfect choice for deep cleaning without dryness. It is very good for acne and oiliness.

Glycerine soap is considered to be one of the most moisturising and anti acne types of soap. The unique quality of this soap allows it to be both moisturising and effective. The benefits of glycerine soap help your skin become healthy and moisturised and feels clean and moist for several hours after use. Used regularly i maintains the skin's moisture making it feel very soft.

When skin stays properly hydrated, it helps prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. This makes glycerine soap an anti-aging product, since it keeps your skin healthy.

Glycerine Face Soap for sensitive facial skin, since glycerine soap naturally has a low pH, the skin is able to retain its natural moisture and remain fresh and clean throughout. It also contains natural ingredients which act as antibacterial, cleaning and detoxifying agents.

- Activated charcoal attracts toxins and helps “detox” your skin. When used in face, it can help clear out pores which helps make them smaller. It is also absorbs excess oils and balances the oiliness of your skin, which helps clear up acne. The activated charcoal we use in Spirit & Soap is organic made from coconut shells from Sri Lanka.

French Green clay is naturally gentle scrub and exfoliation of the skin; it is also known fto have antibacterial, healing detoxing and cleansing properties.

- Essential, 100% pure, oils such us tea tree and lemongrass refresh skin cells and help to eliminate bacteria that may cause acne. In spirit and soap always

- Beeswax has antibacterial properties. It helps keep the skin clean and reduces the risk of contamination. Studies have shown that beeswax can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus, helping with skin conditions like acne.

- Coconut oil contains Lauric acid that may help kill harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the body. On its own, lauric acid has been proven to kill P. acnes making it ideal for using it .


  • Contains lemongrass essential oil, tea tree essential oil, coconut oil, shea butter, green clay, bees wax
  • Content: 110 - 120 gr

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Face Soap for Oily Face Skin Cleanser, Anti Acne


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