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A facial toner made with organic flower and witch hazel hydrosols to cleanse the skin from dirt and excess oils and tone the face before applying your moisturiser.The flower hydrosols are all made from organic herbs, grown locally with love and care by a dear producer. These include lavender, rose, geranium & neroli.

Neroli hydrosol compounds can help the skin to regenerate cells, and it is also good for improving and maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Rose hydrosol rejuvenates, hydrates, softens, calms redness and helps reduce facial lines.

Geranium hydrosol helps with balancing dry skin. It minimizes large pores and tightens and tones skin and helps to heal minor wounds faster.

Lavender hydrosol has regenerative and soothing effects on damaged and sensitive skin.

Witch hazel hydrosol is an astringent that contains several compounds with potent anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, which have been proven helpful in relieving inflammation, irritation and acne.

It also contains a splash of apple cider vinegar that contains alpha hydroxy acids that will remove dead skin and reveal healthy and vibrant new skin. It also helps fight off acne, pimples and blemishes and balance skin ph by regulating sebum.

To complete the amazing scent of this toner, we have added a couple of drops of ylang ylang essential oil that just make this product smell heavenly.



  • lavender, rose
  • neroli
  • geranium witch hazel
  • organic apple cider vinegar
  • ylang ylang
  • essential oil

Contents: 60ml

Weight: 100 gr


  • Shake before use
  • Spray a few times on cleansed skin and wipe off with a cotton pad/wipe from natural fibres or leave on to dry before applying your moisturiser.

Made in Cyprus

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Organic Flower Facial Toner

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  • Made in Cyprus
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