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Green Rays Period Kit

Enjoy an improved period experience with the Green Rays Period Kit. The Menstrual Kit is the ideal starter for a comfortable zero-waste period for you and a preferred gift for your best friend!

Why Is It Better?

COMFORTABLE - just cosy materials around your vaginal area, no more itchiness, dryness or "diaper feeling".

ECO-FRIENDLY - achieve a zero-waste period, no more unrecyclable waste.

ECONOMICAL - save more money, month after month!

CONVENIENT - it's with you, whenever you need it.


Cup Sizes:

Size A – those under the age of 30 AND who have not given birth

Size B – those above the age of 30 OR those who have given birth (even if they are under 30 years old)

Size Mini – teens and young menstruators OR those with a low-cervix

Pads Kit includes the:

Mini Pad (20,5 x 18 cm) - For a lighter flow

Midi Pad (25,5 x 18 cm) - Medium-sized, for an average flow

Maxi Pad (30,5 x 23 cm) - Perfect for overnight or for a higher flow.

Kit Includes:

  1. One Green Rays Cup Menstrual Cup - our top-rated period cup Made in the USA from 100% medical grade silicon and no dyes.
  2. Three Green Rays Pads - the kit includes three bamboo charcoal pad sizes: pantyliner, regular and long.
  3. One Folding Sterilising Cup - the ideal travel size cup perfect for menstrual cup sterilisation and for cleaning your period cup on the go.
  4. Menstrual Cycle Guide & Period Tracker

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Green Rays Period Kit

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