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Miss Yiasemi brings to you reminisces of yesteryear, recollections of leisurely strolls through the streets of Nicosia on warm summer evenings, accompanied by the seductive fragrance of jasmine blossoms. Rejuvenate your body and spirit and turn your bathtub into your own, royal, private bubbling paradise. With real Miss Yiasemi perfume!


How to enjoy a Royal Bath Bomb:

Step 1: Fill your tub half-way with warm water

Step 2: Drop the Royal Bath Bomb in the water

Step 3: Close your eyes and enjoy (you have earned it!)

Content : 220g

  • Phthalate free
  • Not tested on animals / Peta approved

Natural Cosmetics and Skincare products made in Cyprus

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Miss Yiasemi (Jasmine) Royal Bath Bomb

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  • Made in Cyprus
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