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DEET FREE natural spray that protects from mosquito and other insect bites, with medicinal Neem oil and essential oils that not only keep insects away from you, but also have antibacterial properties.

Most insect repellents contain harsh chemicals such as DEET which is highly toxic and not suitable for children or pregnant women. Adverse effects of using DEET are well documented and include neurological effects such as slurred speech, tremors, restlessness, irritability as well as eye and skin irritation. Fatalities have even occurred with overuse of this pesticide.

DEET’s active ingredient is also a strong solvent that not only accounts for its unpleasant smell, but can damage plastic spectacle frames, watches, wood finishes and synthetic materials.

Neem oil is an ayurvedic medicinal oil from India, with mosquito repelling properties, which is considered as an important weapon in the fight against malaria, dengue fever and other mosquito-born diseases in the tropics. The addition on Neem oil to this spray makes it suitable to be used when travelling to tropical countries, as studies have shown that it prevents staphylococcus infections and the malaria parasite from entering the blood stream.

It also contains a combination of essential oils with insect repelling properties such as citronella, lemongrass, clove and peppermint, which create a pleasant scent.



  • citronella,
  • lemongrass,
  • clove
  • peppermint,

Contents: 160 ml

Weight: 300 gr

Instructions: Shake well before use and apply every 3-4 hours, or more often if you are in a tropical country.


  • Do not spray into the eyes and take care not to ingest.
  • Avoid during pregnancy.
  • Not safe for babies

Made in Cyprus

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  • Made in Cyprus
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