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Roύλα mini [> ruler + Roulla (greek female name)] is ta cute, mini, square ruler that uses the perimeter of its shape to give the ability of measuring up to 14cm, using only a 4x4cm piece of material. When there is the need of continuing the measurement further than 3.5cm (one side of Roύλα mini), all one has to do is place their pencil nib in the hole at the upper right corner of the ruler, turn the ruler by 90 degrees anti-clockwise, and continue measuring with the right side of roύλα. By turning roύλα in all 4 corners of the front side gives the possibility of measuring up to 14cm.

Roύλα mini also comes in a key-ring version and in a regular-sized version, 20x4cm, that measures up to 92cm double-sided!


Dimensions: 40 mm x 40 mm

Materials: Acrylic 3mm

Engraving: Laser

Made in Cyprus

Design by Maria Pitsillidou

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MINI ROULA, Smaller Square version of the Wooden Playful Ruler


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