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Juncea Pebble Live Air Plant Display of a natural plant.

Air-plants do not demand a lot of care and attention but they need, Light, Air, and Watering


Materials: Juncea Pebble Air-plant, Metal


  • Height with plant 43 cm
  • Height without plant 28 cm


  • The details below are very important for keeping you plant healthy
  • Light: indirect light inside a bright room avoiding direct sunlight
  • Air: near a window, or in draft areas.
  • Water: Winter: Once every 10-15 days, Summer Once every 7-10 days

How to water

Caution must be exercised when watering Air-plants and is done in the following way:

1. Place the plant Upside Down in a bowl of water letting it soak for 20-30 minutes.

2. Place the plant Upside Down and let it dry completely for 1-3 hours depending on air circulation

Between normal watering a light spraying/misting may helps, so that the plant does not dehydrate.

Important: Make sure that there are no drops of water left on the leaves or in the centre of the plant.

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Juncea Air Plant Pebble Display


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