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Amazing set of vintage letters, numbers & characters for all your scrap-booking, collaging, decorating etc.. needs! Set contains full alphabet from A-Z in both upper and lower case letters, numbers 1-7 and all the characters shown in the two photos.

Condition: Very Good (There must be some pieces missing as the quantities are not equal between each letter/character, however every letter is present in both upper and lower case. Please contact me if you need to know exact quantities of a specific letter, number or character)

Label: None

Trims: None

Measurements: Box - 8.5" x 7.5", Letters (this is of the plastic not the ink itself) - approximately 1.5" x 0.5" (some letters, for example the "i", are approximately 0.3" wide)

Fabric: Box - Card, Letters - Plastic, Ink

Product Care: Wipe clean

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Box of Vintage Plastic Letters, Numbers & Characters


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