How does it work?

How can I get my own store on Areskee, and how much will it cost me to set it all up?

Our team will create your online store soon after you complete your registration. We will also add your product listings if you wish, so that you can start using your online shop immediately as soon as we deliver it to you!
We will set up your online shop FREE OF CHARGE. You can add your products yourself or have them added by us. In case we need to add your products manually (e.g. in the absence of a data import file that meets our requirements), we might have to charge you a small fee for the additional work that is required.

How much do I have to pay each month to maintain my store on Areskee?

NOTHING! We will cover all costs related to the hosting of your online shop, the maintenance of the technology it uses, and for the support services that we provide you.

Who is responsible for the operations of my store on Areskee?

You will fully be responsible for the management and sales of your online store on
You will need to update your product listings (or hire our team to add them for you), keep your store up to date with your latest prices, offers and stock availability information, ship your orders following our standard procedures, respond to customer enquiries received through our website, and of course promote your store and its products to grow your sales.

How will you enable me to manage my online store?

Your store will have its own administration panel from where you will be able to manage your products, your orders and your customer communications. We will also give you access to our shopkeeper's portal, where you will find a lot of useful material including training videos that demonstrate how to use your store. You will also have full access to our seller support team, who will help you out with anything you questions you have.
You will automatically get notified via email when you have a new order or a new message from a customer, and we will also send you a reminder in case you are late with an order.

What services will Areskee's seller support team provide me?

Our support team will will check any new products that you add to your store before they are activated, monitor your orders and deliveries for any issues or delays, handle your return requests, validate your monthly order payments, create your statements, and transfer your funds into your bank account at the end of the month.
for a small charge, our team can also add your latest product to your store in case you dont have the time or the expertise to do it yourself.

When will I get paid for my orders?

We pay out our sellers at the end of each month. Your income from orders that have been completed up until the 5th of the same month will be transferred into your bank account at the end of that month, and you will also receive a statement via email. It is not an issue if your business is not VAT registered, as long as the monthly income your business generates does not exceed Cyprus's VAT threshold.

How can Areskee help me grow my sales?

1. We will give you advise on the things you should do to improve and grow your store.
2. Assuming that your product listings are correctly entered and meet our requirements, your products will also be listed in the product categories of our website, which are visited by thousands of users each month.
3. We will share your stories where you tag Areskee on social media, so that they are seen by many more people.
4. We might repost some of the images that you post on your social media through our account, in order to help you raise more awareness about your brand and grow your store's traffic.
5. If your store starts to generate sales, we might includesome of your products in our sponsored online adverts.
6. We will publish on our blog pages any interesting articles that you share with us! This could be an intestesting read about you (the maker) and your techniques and influences, or an article that talks about your lasts products or creations.

I want to join Areskee now, what should I do?

Visit our STORE REGISTRATION PAGE and complete the 3 simple steps described there. Once your account has been set up a few days later, we will send you your access details and details about the product information you need to send us.