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How ready are you to start selling online with us

If you are reading this, most likely you have already been making or selling some unique products that you believe in and you think that there a lot more potential online customers who would be interested in your products once they discover them.

Just like with any other business, the success of your areskee shop will require your patience, commitment, time and effort. Before joining us and starting your areskee shop, please read the below and make sure that you understand what it takes to become a successful online seller with us.

  1. You understand that you will be responsible for the daily operations of your areskee store
  • We will give you all the tools and the training that is required to get you up to speed so that you can start managing your online store, but it will be your responsibility to add, review and update your products, improve and enrich your listings, communicate with customers who have questions about your products or services in a timely manner, and also manage the orders that you receive through your areskee shop in a professional way.
  • We made the management platform that our shops use as user friendly as possible, but you will still need to
    • be comfortable with the English language and with the use of computers. We have detailed user guides for everything you need to know (all available in English).
    • be willing to spend the time needed at the beginning to get comfortable with using our platform.
    • find a few minutes every day in order to keep the products of your areskee shop up-to-date, and to fulfil your responsibilities and orders as an areskee shop owner
  1. You have a clear understanding of your products, your target audience and adequacy of your pricing
  • Please browse through the different product categories and shops selling on our website, and make sure that you are comfortable with questions like the ones below:
    • What types of products are you selling?
    • What categories of customers you think are more likely to buy from you?
    • How many distinct products do you have? Are some products groups under the same product listing - for example because the same product is available in different colours, sizes etc.?
    • Can your products be personalised by the customers, with a personal message or logo, or is this not something possible/you are interested in?
    • What is the price of each product, and how does it compare to the price of similar products on areskee and on other websites? Are your products priced competitively enough?

  1. You are a responsible seller who truly cares about your customers' satisfaction
  • Our customers don't just care about the quality of your products, they equally care about the quality of the service that you areskee shop offers, including the quality of your packaging and the time it takes you to ship their items.
  • In the world of online retail, If you let your customers down they can (and most likely they will) warn other customers about you, and this can have an immediate effect on you. A negative review on your store or products can have a major impact on your sales. At the same time though, if customers are satisfied with your products and services they will be the first to promote you and recommend you to others.
  • If your products are not of great quality, they will soon start receiving product return requests and/or negative product reviews which will really hurt your sales, and quite possibly your reputation and chances of becoming a successful online seller in the future.
  • If your orders are sent late or if you forget to respond to queries from customers on time, they have every right to complain about the services you offer and discourage others from buying from you shop.
  • If your products get damaged while in transit, the customer who bought them is entitled to a full refund, even if the damage was caused by the courier. You are solely responsible for the packaging of your orders - you need to make sure that it will look appealing and that it will protect the items inside during their delivery to the customer!

  1. You are in a position to produce very attractive photos of your products
  • Understand from the beginning that if your product photos are not great, your products will not sell, no matter how amazing and unique they may be.
  • Before a listing is added on our website we first review it - if we are not happy with its photos it will get sent back for improvements. When buying online, customers cannot see or touch your products. All they can see is its photos, which need to show the item from different angles, be clear, highlight its main features, make it look appealing and interesting.
  • Even after you take some great photos, most likely you will still need to be able to do some basic editing, such as cropping, resizing and enhancing. There are several free and easy-to-use tools out there that you can use for these basic functions.
  • Your product photos need to provide a realistic and clear representation of the product. Find a photographer who can help you, and/or get a camera and learn how to take good product photos by your self - this takes time and effort, but it is also the most important investment that you can make as an online seller.

  1. You are prepared to show the patience and put the required care, professionalism and commitment that your areskee shop needs to flourish
  • Turning your areskee shop into a success will take time and effort. Customers need some time to become aware of your store, discover its products, buy them and then tells other how happy they are with them. It can take several weeks or months until you get discovered and receive your first orders.
  • Just like with any other shop, you will need to keep its look, character, pricing and content fresh and appealing - e.g. by replacing and refreshing your stock, by producing limited collections, by revising and updating your prices, by adding new types of products, by following (or creating) market trends, by asking your customers for a product review, arrange/participating in sales days etc. If you don't find ways to get the attention of customers with your products or make them want to come back to check your products, most of them probably won't.
  • Don't forget that we will be there to help you grow in any way we can, but also that ultimately it is your dedication, decisions and perseverance that will define your success..