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Actina Jewelry
ACTINA JEWELRY is a contemporary, inspired jewelry brand based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Each piece of jewelry is handmade using precious materials, like sterling silver and gold, and it is designed in order to be comfortable to wear from day to night. The artist behind the brand, Maria Matsouka, is an architect with a passion for jewelry. Maria´s working is genuinely artistic. She chooses a theme that inspires her and then she thoroughly explores it in order to create her jewelry in themed... read more

Welcome to Alchemy's Cyprus online online shop of alcohol, unique drink gift boxes for adults and bar accessories. Browse through our online cava and discover a wide variety of unique and hard to find whiskeys rums and gins, as well as bar and cocktail accessories. In our online shop you can also find more than 20 amazing ideas and gift boxes for coffee and tea lovers, as well as perfect gifts for whiskey, gin and rum lovers. If you know what drinks they like, browse through our... read more

An.Sa. Handmade Clothes
Hello I am Anastasia Sarri and my studio is based in Larnaca. An.Sa. Handmade Clothes is the combination of my love for fine art and fashion design. Upon completion of my studies in Italy (BA Fashion Design), I started hand-painting t-shirts for friends and family as a hobby and later on it became a full time job; so An.Sa handmade clothes was created in 2016. Personalized / custom made t-shirts, clothes for children and babies, denim jackets, shoes, bags, hats and much more, my creations... read more

Anatole Designs
Anatole is a local brand that was born out of pure and intense love for hats. Every Anatole piece is entirely handmade and brought into life thanks to several hours spent selecting the finest raw materials and transforming them into unique, authentic products of the highest quality. The brand offers an exquisite selection of carefully crafted headwear for both men and women, available mainly in natural colors and ethnic styles. We, at Anatole, are committed to satisfying each of our loyal... read more

Anna's Aroma Boutique
Working together with a perfumer we trialled and tested many candles and fragrances to create my dream. Fromm this moment Anna's Aroma Boutique was born and i fill my house with my new handmade creations. Iff you enjoy beautiful candles which are artisanal and have a soul. I welcome you to my small brand which is beginning its journey

Anthes creations
I've started working with mosaics 17 years ago, and for the last 4 years I have been running a small showroom next to my studio where along with my paintings, I have a collection of decorative artefacts. Α mosaic menagerie of birds, fish and other creatures. Wall hangings, mirrors, small ornaments and fridge magnets. All pieces are handmade using stained glass and tiles in a kaleidoscope of colours, mounted on MDF board motifs that were designed by me. Some of these items are found... read more

Anthi Kyriacou Art
Anthi Kyriacou has graduated with an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Edinburgh College of Art of the University of Edinburgh in 2018. She has since moved back to Limassol Cyprus where she lives and works. About the works: The method of collage has been fundamental for my artmaking process since I started my studies in fine art. Initially, my practice was of performative structure which was then edited into various video installations. I am fascinated by the montage practices... read more

Arcube studio
Arcube studio was founded in 2008 by Panayiotis Stelikos with its main aim being experimentation on design as a whole. This experimentation consists of a constant research between overlapping design fields, a regenerative process where architecture meets furniture design, graphic design meets fabric design and by extension relates to any form of design of everyday objects. Our store includes items from our latest collections and each item is available for delivery across Cyprus. For... read more

Areskee Store
This store includes seller's service packages and products occasionally sold directly by, such as event and festival tickets, charity items etc.

Art by Kiara
The inspiration and subject of the art works continuously change with new ideas, expressions and emotions. Kiara’s art can travel the viewer from landscape to figurative with expressive tones and colors. While the main medium for the works is acrylic, yet the techniques may vary. Some works are watercolors and some other are mixed media. Color is one of the main focus on each artwork to provide vitality and energy. Kiara Timm is a visual artist for many years. She has participated in... read more

Art by Nicole
I’m an artist. I do modern oil paintings on canvas, wooden creations, mostly home decor items, pyrography art and jewellery, and candles with unique designs. I also do paintings by order.

Art Studio 34
Welcome to our online shop! We are Art Studio 34 and we make industrial furniture from reclaimed wood and metal, as well as other home goods. All our products are hand-made by us here at out workshop in Nicosia. Our range of products includes furniture, coffee tables, paintings, pillows, lamps, chairs. pots and gifts,

Art di Costa - A local firm which work with wood since 1991. Our aim was always the same; to create and deliver unique products and services for our special guests. Today we can separate our work on refreshing/ repainting/ rebranding existing furniture (doors/kitchen/wardrobes etc), while we design handmade one-time pieces of platters, side tables and dinner tables or other custom-made products. We are fans of the ''Quality over quantity'' approach.

Artelier By Mirella
Mirella Pitta is a Cypriot artist who is turning everyday objects into art pieces. Her work focuses on surface painting of several objects such as glass coasters, ceramics (mugs, tea pots, vases etc) wooden objects and on canvas as well. She is mainly inspired by the majesty of mother nature - a moving, reproducing and alive world. Mirella's goal is to let her customers' imagination fly. You can choose your own personalised designs and she will create it for you in a unique way. read more

Aurelias Little Room
Welcome to aurelia's little room! Here in aurelia's little room, we make various crochet items, decorations, and accessories. Each item is carefully handmade with a big Love. Enjoy your stay!

I would like to welcome you to the magical world of BafArt where imagination and creativity are the protagonists! This online portal gives me the opportunity to show what I create with all my love. I like anything adorable that's why my paintings have a childish touch. In BafArt's world different characters were created such as ballerinas, princesses and animals who are wearing tulle and bows which creates a 3D concept. Their childish character in combination with the 3D effect... read more

Balance and Bloom
Balance & Bloom is a home studio based in Cyprus specializing in embroidered items and designs, made to share an Eco-friendly message and give inspiration for a more sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle. Designs include hand embroidered wall decor, produce & tote bags, key-rings and patches. Each design is hand crafted with care and inspired from our pure love for nature and the environment. Free shipping for Cyprus and Worldwide shipping is available. If you have any questions or... read more

Bion offers organic products that promote health and ensure maximum nutritional value and authentic taste. We select the best organic ingredients to ensure the quality of the food that ends up in your kitchen, and also to protect the environment and the well-being of our farmers. Supporting local farmers Our company support local small farmers with organic certification for their crops and a passion for the quality of the food they grow. We value the relationship with our farmers... read more

Blue Fish Creations
Growing up I would always watch my mother create and I was always sitting next to her with my scissors, paper, glue, glitter and any other tools or material I could find lying around. Creating has always been one of my favourite pastimes, and a way to unwind after a long day at school, university and then work. At University I studied Zoology and then Wildlife Conservation, hence the name 'Blue Fish Creations'. As you can see, most of my products feature marine life (growing up on an... read more

Hello, my name is Tina, and I am the owner of byGoldenberry! My shop began with me making purses and gadget cases using second hand acrylic yarn. I had just changed to a vegan diet and was becoming aware of zero waste and the importance of reusing what we already have. Zero waste became a big part of my life and for me it wasn't just about reducing plastic, reusing and recycling. It was also very much about where things come from, the manufacturing and the processing of the raw materials... read more

Candy Bath Bombs
Coming from our own personal love of luxury bathbombs, and after high demand from our friends, we decided to offer others our idea of a spa experience right at home. These colourful bright bath bombs will explode with colour as soon as soon as dropped into a bathtub of warm water! The fragrance oils will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised. We also accept quantity orders and cater to all sorts of parties, birthday, hen parties,... read more

Candy Stitch Creations
Despite being a professional musician, I've always loved creating. Having learned crochet from my grandmother at a very young age, I always wanted to make more. I've always wanted to create new colourful and quirky makes to stand out and to be unique. Crochet and knitting was, at first, a way to relax after a long day. My family and friends loved what I was doing and convinced me to set up a page where I could demonstrate and therefore sell my makes. My online shop was created in October... read more

Cantata Cyprus
Welcome to the Cantata world of tastes! It's time to try something delicious and new. If you're looking for tasty, healthy, and quality products, you're at the right place. We offer a vast range of loose leaf tea, herbal and fruit blends, unique coffee beans from all around the world. Besides, you'll find helpful tea and coffee ware that will turn brewing routine into an easy and fun process. Among our treasures are: The Rooibos a South African tea , - naturally sweet and... read more

CG Atelier
Duality is one of the greatest problems facing our society today. A whole hearted disconnection from our planet through a disassociation with our thoughts and actions. My artwork aims to exemplify the pure unity of nature and humanity as one cohesive entity. “As above, so below, as within, so without…” Hermes Trismegistus Water and pigment has been allowed to flow freely, creating shapes and interconnecting paths and patterns. Artworks are a mixed representation of the elements of the... read more

Cherry and Mint
Cherry and Mint is a one woman slow fashion brand, with print focused fashion pieces and home goods handmade from print to finished garment, in small runs. Zoey's textile designs are printed on fabrics with ecologically-safe inks and are sewn in her home studio in Cyprus. Our goal is to create unique, multi-faced and versatile products for you to either wear up or down and most of all to enjoy!

Group of 2 chicas creating unique earring designs out of buttons. Handmade creations just for you!

Cofra Cyprus
Cofra is an Italian company founded in 1938 and one of the leading producers of safety shoes in Europe. Its activities are focused on research and technology applied to safety at the workplace. What’s interesting is that the company launches new products and accessories continuously, so if you like changing your shoes often, Cofra is just the brand for you! According to information obtained from Cofra’s catalogue, Cofra produces footwear for all sorts of needs and jobs and there is also a... read more

Comic Book Paradise
Welcome to Comic Book Paradise! Comic books have been a medium of narrative and artistic expression and, over the years, have emerged to a pervasive element of pop culture. Our Areskee store offers a great deal of comic framed posters that will thrill your walls and colorfully transform your space. Just browse among our collection and find your favorite poster of your most beloved comic book character.

Contact Lenses Cyprus
The eyes are the windows of the heart. A pair of attractive eyes can make you stand out in a crowd. We started in 2019 and we've helped thousands of people find a more attractive version of themselves. We are confident that you are the most beautiful, let you become more beautiful is our eternal goal.

Costas Theodorou Ltd
The number one leather and travel good retailer on the Island. Unmatched quality, price and after-sales service.

Crafts by Maria Zampelas
I have been making “things” for as long as I can remember myself. Drawing, stitching, knitting, collaging, were my favourite past times as a child... and still are! I studied Graphic Design and worked in this field for many years. Crafting, however, was something that I had never abandoned, and it gradually became my main daily activity while I still work on the occasional graphics job. I find the whole process of designing, crafting and making very exciting and fulfilling. I love... read more

Crazy Needles
Crazy Needles was founded in Limassol, Cyprus in 2016. We are a little yarn shop with a great big personality. Inspiring yarns and supplies come from England, Italy, Germany, Greece and The Netherlands. Exclusive and high quality bases and colours from some of the most popular brands of yarn. That’s been our vision for The Crazy Needles from the start: a place for people who value the best in everything yarn-related. As teachers and providers, we love to help people connect to their... read more

Hello, I am Lorna, mother, creative, seamstress and nature lover. Welcome to my Areskee shop! My creative journey began as an illustrator & graphic designer in London, where I lived and worked for a big part of my life. Having realised early on that I am at my best and my happiest working with my hands rather than on a computer screen this lead me to various other ideas and projects. I have co-founded UNDUN and also co-created a line of coin jewellery called Jumping Gypsies. Creative... read more

Danouz is a team of Cypriot and Greek young fashion designers, specializing in the creation of custom-made clutch bags inspired by Greek Mythology, that will give you an exquisite look regardless of the occasion. We strive to be a disruptive global fashion brand that introduces new fashion trends and styles. The name of our store was inspired by the story of princess Danae who was the mother of the Greek hero Persis and the wife of Greek god Zeus. According to the Greek... read more

Decosta Handcrafts
Our passion for creation and hard work is what kept us ahead in the market since 2000. Thanks to your love and support, our team in Decosta is proud and glad to keep you stylish and up to date with the new trends. We use best quality materials in producing one-of-a-kind creations - handmade ladies accessories, handbags, brides accessories, party favours, homeware, soaps and much more. All items are proudly handmade by us in Cyprus. read more

Designs and Smiles
Everything in my shop is created to spread smiles and happiness! This is the reason this shop was created and the purpose it exists. It is my way to share good vibes and positive thinking. My family is my big inspiration. My two daughters are the reason for creating children's art in the first place. Bright colors, long summers, sunshine and blue sea are a part of my everyday life, and have a deep impact on my work. I am a graphic designer with long experience in advertising and publishing... read more

Dimitra Grigoriou Art
DIMITRA GRIGORIOU (°1987, Limassol, Cyprus) is an artist who mainly works with painting and drawing. Dimitra completed the MA Fine Arts at the Nottingham Trent University in 2009 and BA (Hons) Drawing and Applied Arts at the University of West of England, Bristol. She has had group Exhibititions in United Kingdom and Cyprus. “Art is the most important part of my life, it makes me feel complete as a person and I am glad to share it. Everything is made with love and dedication, I hope you... read more

Diodora Jewellery
Seeds, stones, shells, wood, clay and other earth materials from different countries around the world create the unique story of every single jewel handcrafted with love by Rebecca Katsaris. Discover the Diodora Jewellery unique creations and feel the touch of the Earth... "It all started with one little shell..."

Ditale Studio
Our Inspiration Cosmos (verb cosmo= κοσμώ which means decorate) is the ancient Greek word for the ornament. This divine decoration, nature and it's creations are a source of inspiration for Ditale Studio. Simplicity and the perfect imperfection of nature along with the creativity of the human mind reveal a dual magical world. The elements of nature and the world’s cultural heritage are depicted with creativity and love along with simplicity and minimalism on... read more

Elena Voronkova Art
Hello, I am Elena and I am an impressionist artist. I was born in a family where artistic talent was in abundance. My grandfather was a well-known Russian artist, and since I was a child my world was filled with creativity and a range of wonderful colour combinations. After finishing my art studies at the «Plehanova» Moscow University, I worked in the media industry, and specifically for Ostankino in Moscow. My work can be seen at the Moscow Central Art Gallery («ЦДХ») as well as in... read more

Ellia Natural Cosmetics
Ellia Natural Cosmetics is a Cypriot based company formed by a Greek Cypriot couple. Our belief and firm conviction for the effectiveness of traditional LOCAL materials, as well as proven recipes through thousands of years of history, led us to the creation ofEllia Natural Cosmetics back in 2012. Ηaving Greek origins, we were both influenced by the history of our ancestors and the history of our island which is connected to Goddess Aphrodite – the goddess of Beauty and Love, that... read more

Enchanté was born in 2015 out of our love for the handmade and the unique. Our imagination and sensitivity are attributes treasured by those who seek the individuality and aesthetics of handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. We pay attention to detail, using the finest materials that combine the nostalgia of the old and the freshness of the modern. Velvet, silk and linen are stitched in hand with care. Class, elegance, originality and style are the main ingredients of the Enchanté recipe, but... read more

Fos Cosmetics
Thank you for visiting our world! Established in 2011, FOS COSMETICS officially launched in 2019 as an original soap brand based on the benefits of tropical vegetable butters. In Greek, ‘ΦΩΣ’ means light, and this is the common ‘ingredient’ in the names of both founders. From the very start, FOS Cosmetics has pursued a science-led approach to product research and development, launching new products only after a rigorous research process. This allows us to produce natural formulations of the... read more

Frosso Kapa Art
I was born in Limassol, graduated from Lanitio Gymnasium and then studied music at the Famagusta National Conservatory. I attended art classes with painter Andreas Cleovoulou, and ceramics with Valentinos Charalambous. I have been a member of the Union of Visual Artists Cyprus since 2004. I have participated in various group exhibitions in Cyprus, and have also presented two solo exhibitions. My work can be found in various private collections and museums both in Cyprus and abroad.

Gaia Olea
Gaia Olea was born out of our love for essential oils, herbs, vegetable oils, clays and other natural ingredients in Kalavasos, a small village in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. After studying and experimenting with these natural ingredients for a few years, in 2013 we decided to start sharing our products with the rest of the world. Our soaps, balms, healing salves, therapeutic oils, lotions and other body care products are handmade exclusively with natural ingredients and in small... read more

Golden Donkeys
Golden Donkeys Farm is located in Skarinou village, halfway between Larnaca and Limassol. When building it, we were based on our love and care for sustaining the Cyprus traditions. And we really wanted to help preserve the heritage of Cyprus – friendly and industrious animals, which many centuries faithfully served the Cypriots. After all, it is the Cyprus donkeys, who were the indispensable tool: they transported food and wine, they were the primary mode of transportation on the island for... read more

Green Box Designs
Here at Green Box Designs, we are passionate about creative designs with an emphasis in Succulent Plants. Either small or big, green or colourful, we aim to fulfill your expectations with designs which can be used to make your living space greener, more serene and more beautiful. Our creations can be hanged on walls, decorate your coffee tables, or even be handed as gifts to your loved ones. All our creations are made by hand, our wooden boxes are custom made, and the plants we use are... read more

Green Rays Cup
Green Rays Cup was born in Cyprus from a desire to empower women and give them better, healthier and eco-friendlier alternatives to period hygiene. Because with suitable and comfortable solutions, we gain better control over our body, our choices and our life. We want to keep on with our lifestyle, either while on our period or not. We fight to normalise menstruation and to release women from shame. Because, yes, having a period is normal and common. We want to live a happy... read more

Handmade Dreamcatchers
Hi there, and welcome to my store, Handmade Dreamcatchers! Throughout my life, I have always been in love with dreamcatchers. At first, it started as a hobby, as I couldn't find designs in the market that I would find appealing, so I thought it would be a great challenge if I could learn how to make my own! The feedback I received when I released my first designs was very positive, while my friends strongly encouraged me to start doing this professionally and start my own... read more

Herbellis Cosmetics
Herbellis face creams are created through extensive research to unlock the unique properties of our Greek natural ingredients. The combination of organically cultivated extra-virgin olive oil, with scientifically proven bio-active compounds including vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and peptides, produces effective face care products that are deeply moisturising, revitalising and anti-ageing, while they also leave a velvety soft feel on your skin.

Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics
Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics are inspired, created and lovingly made in Cyprus. Based on 2000-year-old recipes, our cosmetics are created utilizing modern cosmetic technology to achieve optimum safety and naturalness. According to the studies of the recently known trends in skincare and the properties of non-domestic natural ingredients such as coconut oil, natural hyaluronic, jojoba oil, we created extraordinary cosmetics specifically for anti-aging, skin reconstruction, hydration,... read more

A healthy snack made only of nutrients without preservatives, sugar, milk, egg or gluten. It is made with raw ingredients provided by Mother Nature and fills the body with energy, power and joy without affecting it in anyway. Perfect snack to eat between the meals of a boring diet. It can be appropriately combined with any type of beverage. It can satisfy any taste as it’s produced in a lot of forms with different ingredients. It's what the body needs for a boost either for... read more

Hyphès - handmade bags by Stefani C.
Hello there! My name is Stefani and let me introduce you to my brand, Hyphès. It all started when I was studying in Athens, I wanted to get a bag to go on vacations but I just could not seem to find the perfect fit for me! So I went and bought some fabrics and learned how to sew. I felt so creative and launched my first collection of 50 handmade bags at that summer. Over the years I found this to be my creative way of being productive and... read more

I k-need this bag
I k-need this bag is a Cypriot small business which was started by a 24 year old Cypriot girl, in May 2018. This small business she created is all about handmade stuff! You can mainly find handmade crochet bags, but also small purses and pouches, some crochet tops, tobacco cases, pencil cases, make-up bags and so many more in all different colours and shapes. We like to evolve our products by getting ideas from all over the world but we also count on your opinion too. In this way, we try to... read more

Our store offers the best prices for iPhone and AirPods cases in Cyprus.

Jacinthe Natural Skincare
Jacinthe Natural Skincare is a small skincare brand and our intention is to educate and inspire consumers to want to be better informed about what goes on your skin, which is a foundational aspect of our philosophy as a skincare brand. Hence, on the basis of knowing exactly what goes on your skin, our number 1 concern is the quality and purity of each ingredient we use. Each ingredient is carefully studied and meticulously used to check its efficacy and how it interacts with other... read more

JaxPots Mosaics
JaxPots Mosaics offers unique handcrafted items for your home. From the kitchen to the garden, lounge to the bedroom, there are many options of colours and designs to fit your style. I can design and create a variety of tables for inside or outside use. Mirrors are very important in a home and I can offer all sizes and colours made to order to match your decor. Lamps are also very effective in all parts of the home and can change a whole room's ambience! I can create a variety of sizes... read more

Jo Lazar
Inspiration comes from everyday life. Jo Lazar is an artist since her early childhood years. Art for her is a way of freely expressing her ideals, emotions and passions. Starting from a simple pencil drawing as a kid she has come to discover all kinds of different styles and techniques. Among them quilling, drawing on glass, paintings with acrylic and watercolor, mosaic and so many more. You can order creations in your own style, taste and color themes. Her motto is “what is... read more

Katies Colourful World
I'm a full time artist living and working in Limassol since 1987. Passionate about nature and animals my work reflects that. I paint watercolours on site, and my fantasy artwork is influenced by the rich history and landscape of Cyprus, myths and a lot of my own ideas gathered over the years. I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember, the book is my first step into the world of publishing.

Kompi Tattoo
Hi, thanks for visiting. For those who don’t know me already, my name is Kompi. I’m a Polish tattoo artist with over 15 years of experience working in studios around the world from Camden Town in London to Hong Kong and the bustling cities of Malaysia. Since 2010 I’ve called Cyprus home, and around four years ago I opened my own studio in Nicosia called Sixteen Rounds. Mostly recognized for my bold, detailed and colourful tattoo work, I also specialise in creating truly unique paintings,... read more

Litalicious online shop provides a wide range of natural handmade bath and body care, personal care, soy candles & wax melts, all made at our studio in Cyprus. We offer fast delivery anywhere in Cyprus and also international delivery worldwide. Our products are inspired by the passion to create beautiful products that are safe and effective, do not contain harmful ingredients or irritate the skin, but without compromising that fun factor people love. A natural product range that will... read more

Loca Natura
From an early age, I was passionate about natural beauty. I love experimenting with kitchen ingredients and making face masks, hair oils and more, right next to mom! The best time was when I was hiding behind mom, to add my own essential oils to her recipes! Over time, I gained acne, which persisted after using various medicines. Seeing the scary change in my skin, we decided with mom to remember the old times! So the kitchen was turned into our own playground where my own anti-acne cream... read more

Loom Art
The collections of handmade ladies’ handbags designed and crafted by LOOM ART / Malgorzata Phantaros are inspired by Cypriot folk art and textiles. LOOM ART bags are crafted using textiles which are hand-woven on a traditional Cypriot loom. These are subsequently combined with natural goat or calf leather and are sewn with care, adding cotton lining inside. Malgorzata's artistic work in textile also includes unique, one-of-a-kind, hand woven tapestries or textile installations. Using... read more

LotsofLove Art
Handmade Accessories. Home Decor. We hope every one of our creations finds a special home.

Lovemade by mayia
Working as an accountant for 7 years, after the birth of my son, going back to work was very difficult as the times were tough financially in the company. These circumstances led me to explore my creative side and found my talent in string art, making gifts for friends, which eventually shaped our business to what it is today. I love making each gift design idea unique, for me, my brand and of course my customers so that lovemade crafts have their own distinct identity. For that reason,... read more

Seeded in 2010 in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, our journey took shape. A new way to say our story, a new canvas to paint. Wood became our passion not only by choice but by committing to the journey, we held the vision and trusted the progress. Learning about, and from each project guided us through expanding our comfort zone. Working/Learning old craftsmanship techniques and combining it with our intuitive attitude toward it, inspired us for a fresher approach every... read more

Maker's Block
Maker’s Block was born from the passion of design and art expressed through new technologies. Before Maker’s Block was created, its founders, Antonia and Thomas used to work in the Aerospace industry, where they learned all about Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. Today they combine their imagination and creativity with this amazing new technology to bring to life all kind of creations. Use our products as Home decoration, Corporate gifts, Wedding or Christening favors or... read more

Mandos Jewellery
Creating jewellery since 1972, we pride ourselves through the pieces which our skilled craftsmen produce. Whether it's a custom designed ring by our client or an exact replica bracelet from the Cyprus Museum, the end result is always to our high standards. All ranges can be produced in yellow or white gold, silver 925 or 9 karat and 18 karat. In case you have a question or request, simply contact us using the "Ask the Seller" option. Looking to make your gift more personal with an... read more

I'm Margarita Akhmetgaleeva. I hope that my paintings will touch your soul, bring you happiness and make your dreams come true. Each of my paintings is a piece of my soul. ⠀ From childhood, I dreamed of exploring the world in all its diversity: I was engaged in ballet and all-around with service dogs. But I received education in a completely different field: I became a florist. ⠀ My curiosity to everything new is nourished by my roots: being born in Russia, Tatar and Bashkir blood flows in... read more

Maria Michael Art
Welcome! I was born in Limassol, where I currently live and create ceramic art and paintings in my art studio. My artwork is strongly influenced by my surroundings and my social interactions in my home city. The landscapes of Cyprus as well as the forest myths of the island have also a strong impact on my artwork. Thank you for visiting!

Martha Forms
Every piece of art is made carefully into a bag, either a shoulder or clutch or pouch or a beach bag, using special craftsmanship. All bags are woven, embroidered, crocheted and sewn with combinations of natural fabrics or soft leathers. All bags are unique, but could be made into other colour combinations. If you are interested in a different colour combination, simply click the "Ask the Seller" button on the page of the product you are interested in to let us know what colours you want... read more

Metamorphosis Arte
Welcome to our world of butterflies! If nature gives us lavishly its beauty, then our journey of life aims to its eternal metamorphosis. Love and admiration towards nature is the starting point of our story, which inspires us to create unique, handmade jewellery for you. The life of this magic insect evolves constantly, until the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis. Our contribution to this metamorphosis is to transform the beauty of the butterfly into an eternal state, combined with our... read more

MiNi Love
MINI LOVE aims to provide the highest value trendy children's clothing while also being dedicated to quality, value and service.

Minimo Craft House
At Minimo Craft House, established in 2021, we are designing and producing contemporary with a minimalistic touch home decor & gift. All our products are handmade.

MYS MediShop
MYS MediShop opened its doors in 2010 when we began selling physiotherapy and medical beauty equipment in Cyprus and Greece. In 2020, MYS MediShop turned another page by signing up some exclusive agreements with some of the best international manufacturers of quality medical and rehabilitation products, such as the COVID19 Antibody Test (colloidal gold immunochromatography) from Simcere Pharmaceutical & Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech . MYS MediShop has more than 10 years experience helping... read more

Natasha Art Gallery
The most important element for Natasha as an artist is not only to create a work of art but to express her ideas and feelings. Through her work she wants to challenge stereotypes; to be full of freedom and passion. That's why she paints in the Modern Art style, the style with no limits, no rules, no traditions and no boundaries. Home & Office Decor - Children’s Room Decor & Games. Customised Painting - Photo Replicas & Personalised Gifts for Your Loved Ones. Free... read more

Natural Beauty Oils
The company Natural Beauty oils has as its basis herbal products such as herbs, essential oils, tinctures and base oils or vegetable oils. We create and develop beauty products and services that promote a balanced and harmonious lifestyle, based on nature, its rich biodiversity and high biological value products. Our mission is to help our customers fulfil their daily care needs by providing pure products free of substances, that have adverse health effects, and also to inform the... read more

Naturality is a fresh new attempt turning our passion and love for nature into handmade gifts that will add a naturalistic touch to your home or office. All of our products are unique pieces of uncompromising quality that are handcrafted with passion, respect and always in harmony with the natural world. Every one of them is mindfully made with the values of balance, simplicity and minimalism. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoying making them! read more

Giorgos Georgiades was born in 1983 in Larnaca. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, where he graduated in 2010. In the same year, he presented his first solo exhibition in Kefalonia. His active participation in group exhibitions began in 2009 in Cyprus. From then until today he has presented his works in various exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad and he has been awarded three honorary distinctions. In particular, he participated in exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, the Netherlands... read more

Welcome to Objects online jewellery store! Objects is a small local bussiness that aims to keep the alternative spirit alive. My inspiration comes from subcultures and the post-grunge movement, with an ethnic touch, using different materials such as leather, acrylic and metal. Express yourself because life is too short to wear boring jewellery!

Orange blossom honey
At we partner with a single small apiarie to offer high quality honey. We are dedicated to share the love for honey and spread the knowledge and importance of bees. We want to share the amazing taste of this honey. Our aim is to inspire you to enjoy honey in a new way. We are committed to offering natural, great-tasting honey to honey lovers. Some of our produscts Fresh orange blossom honey, collected in May 2021. This amazing honey has a sweet and mild flavor and a light citrus... read more

Owlie's Barn
Welcome to Owlie's Barn. Here, busy little owls turn their flights of fancy into beautiful things. Everything you see is handcrafted from a variety of materials - mainly specialty paper/card, vinyl, fabric, wood. Have a look around, and remember: if anything you like in the Barn doesn't exactly match up to your own flight of fancy, many of Owlie's creations can be personalised or even made entirely to order. Just send us a message ("Ask the Seller"), and we will be more than happy to... read more

Paintbrush in my tea
Hello, my name is Michelle - welcome to my little online shop. The name "paintbrushinmytea" was given to me by my sister in a brain storming session after she visualised me working in my studio. I drink lots of tea so it happens regularly. After spending my high school years doodling in all my text books, I left Cyprus for the UK where I completed a foundation course in art and design, followed by a degree in Illustration. I never really warmed to the computer when it came to creating art,... read more

Pale Blue Dot
We are an art gallery whose mission is to promote the work of talented creators, as well as to discover hidden gems of professional artists and private collectors. Each piece of art represents a story told by the artist in their own unique way, based on their own dreams, inspirations, visions and life experiences on our planet. We want our collection to include a wide variety of art pieces from any art genre, era, type or price range, which will appeal to different types of art lovers.... read more

Papa Mix
Papa Mix is a local family business founded in 1982 by Andreas F. Loizides, who produces and packs ready mixes in powder form, such as waffles, crepes, milkshakes, granitas and so much more, strongly emphasizing on high-quality products in the best prices possible. What is a ready mix: Ready to make dry foods and beverages in powdered form used in the food service industry, that require the addition of some form of liquid such as water/milk to be ready for baking and/or consuming,... read more

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), is a registered charity no. 525. PASYKAF was founded in 1986 by cancer patients, their families and friends. The mission of the Association is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and of their families and to promote public awareness regarding the prevention and early detection of cancer. PASYKAF runs annual campaigns about cancer prevention and detection and provides patients and their families with the... read more

PAT - Plant A Tree
PAT (Plant a Tree) is a lifestyle apparel brand based in Limassol, Cyprus, that plants a tree for every item purchased. By combining social and environmental consciousness with lifestyle apparel, PAT enables consumers to have a direct impact on our environment and on communities around the world.

Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology. I have a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Arts and a degree in Interactive Multimedia and History of Art. Through my work, I explore the semantic manifestation of space, time and movement, as well as how these aspects of reality are reconstructed and expressed as a visual construct. In my work, I use various techniques such as old 35 mm film alteration, digital... read more

Popcorn Couture
Ever since I was a child i remember myself holding a pencil and drawing. Art was always my passion. That's why I decided to study fine arts and digital media in the UK.The idea of painting on clothes was born a few years ago as I was trying to find a prom dress for my graduation. I wanted to create something unique and special, thus I created my first hand-painted dress. Currently, I create custom-made designs such as t-shirts for infants and babies, shoes, hoodies, denim jackets... read more

PS: I Love Handmade
Welcome to our store! At PS: I Love Handmade we love creating beautiful and stylish designs for our customers through a blend of contemporary fashion trends and traditional techniques. Our designs are created through experimentation, with each piece showcasing its own unique colouring and texture. All our products are hand-cut and crafted at our studio in Limassol, and always using materials of the highest quality. read more

Quartz-Resin Jewels and Art
My passion for creation and exploration for something truly innovative, led me to this original technique of making, not only jewelry but also decoration items. The epoxy resin allows me to play with colors and materials and run my imagination without limits. Explore my world!

Rare Gems Printing offers a complete range of professional, casual, leisurely & boating clothing for all ages. You can customise your garment using high-quality embroidery, direct to garment printing &/or vinyl cut in order to add a unique and personal touch. By printing your own design, name or logo you can feel the difference when its made personal to you. Rare Gems Printing is ideal for crews, boat owners, businesses, families, restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, celebrations & every day... read more

I enjoy making handmade things. Especially painting and drawing, for me is like creating magic. When I paint, I bring new magical worlds to life that only live in my imagination; even if these magical worlds may not exist, they become real through the pictures, pillows, badges or cards I create. Through my art, I am sharing my good energy. And what makes me move forward is the good energy I receive back. From the local art markets where I started to sell my first items up until today,... read more

Sassy Angels Atelier
Hello and welcome to our Areskee online shop! We are a family team with a passion for creativity and based in Cyprus. Being creative makes us happy. We truly believe in the beauty of unique, handmade items and wish nothing more than to make others happy with what we create. We started our business during lockdown with the goal to create unique art for everyone around the world to enjoy. Everything you see is handmade by us. We are looking forward to you joining us on this journey as we... read more

Scientini designs innovative and super fun science-based toys and educational products for children of all ages who are curious about how the universe works. The products we make are designed to exemplify fundamental science through play and scientific exploration. Our mission is to spark and foster scientific curiosity in children and create imaginative thinkers, creators, inventors and pioneers through a journey of learning by experimentation. Together we play, explore and... read more

Sea of Lace
Sea Of Lace is a celebration of the handcrafted , timeless and ancient art of filigree. Each piece is handmade in Cyprus using traditional techniques. The Cypriot brand was founded when journalist Eleni P. Nicolaou witnessed the technique that is still taking place on the island on a way smaller scale than before. The creation of SOL aims to restore filigree jewelry production on the island back to its days of glory, by collaborating with the remaining local filigree workshops and by... read more

Sincerely Yours
Welcome to our online store, Sincerely Yours! We are the largest online shop in Cyprus for unique, handcrafted and elegant handmade wedding gifts, christening favors and corporate gifts. Our mission is to discover and bring you a collection of the most beautiful, unique and personalised handmade gifts and accessories for your wedding, christening or event, and make your shopping process as easy and secure as possible. We have a large collection of truly unique items and our... read more

Skulukuin Art and Jewellery
I was born in Athens in 1982, studied and worked as Topographer Engineer, I never thought of myself working on something else let alone on something artistic. Until my life changes totally in 2008 when I decided to follow my heart and move to Limassol. When I moved to Cyprus I discovered my creative aspect and my love for jewellery making. That was the moment when I was really connected with the art of jewellery. Since then I attend courses and seminars, first in Athens and later in... read more

The name of the shop, “Smiloon”, is derived from the word “smili” (σμιλί), which is how “crochet” is called in the Cypriot dialect, and “loon”, which, according to Cambridge Dictionary, is defined “as a person who is crazy, silly, or strange”. And that is a fair description of what this shop stands for! As a lone child with much time to spare and a tendency for acquiring new skills, I first learned how to crochet at a noticeably young age. Both my grandmothers, who miraculously continued to... read more

Spanos Art
I was born in 1976 in Cyprus and my first experience with metals came at a very young age, when I was working in a workshop of handmade metal lightings. After my first experimentation and several years later (i.e. 2004), I managed to create my own gallery-workshop which is now situated on a very popular street in old Limassol. I followed lessons of design, anatomy, ceramics and sculpture in the workshop of the famous Cypriot sculptor Pampos Michlis. This marked my inclination also to... read more

Spirit and Soap
Spirit & Soap came to life after long and laborious studies and research on finding, making and using care products that are based on natural ingredients and specifically on aromatherapy. Our mission is to help our customers fulfill their everyday care needs by providing products that are free of substances that have adverse effects on health and to educate the public on the benefits of using natural care products. Spirit & Soap help treat body, face and spirit by providing products made... read more

STAVRIANI handmade Jewelry
Welcome to our store!! Stavriani is the creator behind Stavriani Handmade Jewelry shop. The jewelry she creates are mainly made of sterling silver and other metals and their style is modern and minimal design. Each jewel is unique and is designed and created by hand.

Studio 35˚33˚
As Architects, we consider design to be a multi-scalar, composite discipline, so it is important for us to always explore different perspectives and approaches used in this field. I n addition to Architecture, t his is the basic parameter for our approach when designing objects. Through this process we examine new methods for a contemporary interpretation of the traditional object, - sometimes... read more

Studio2 by Yiannakou
Yiannakou Home Designs is a well-established company since 1984, founded by Nicos Yiannakou, distinguished above others in the retails market of interior and exterior fabrics. Studio 2 by Yiannakou brings you a variety of carefully selected, beautiful and affordable creations for the modern home.

The Barn Shop
The first Concept Store in Pano Lefkara. Products are selected with lots of love and consciousness from artists and designers that they just love their craft. Quality is our main concern and we choose items not because of price but because of good craftsmanship.

The Collective Concept
No to waste. Yes to unique design. As with many great ventures, the Collective Concept began with the need to fulfill a personal desire - to find and preserve unique, quality items that will remain relevant and help reduce the negative environmental impact that new mass market products create. Some people get a rush from riding on a roller-coaster, for us the rush comes when we discover amazing items that have been discarded by others and find even better homes for them with our... read more

To peftasteri
So pottery is an art. It is an art that includes the elements of nature: earth, air, water and fire. At our place we begin by taking a piece of clay and turning it in anything we or you can imagine. This love for pottery began back in at 1979 with some lessons at the technical school and on the side of an old, traditional Cypriot pottery artist, 'Komitis'. Since then we continue to create with the same love, passionately passing this to anyone who appreciates what pottery is all about! read more

To Pervoli
It was somewhere in the 1980's, where Mr. Theodoros Christoforou created his two farms at Maroni Village in Cyprus. His only tools were his love and his artistry for the land, which was mainly concentrated in the field of olive trees, more specifically in the variety of "koroneiki" olive. The tradition that started from Mr. Theodoros continues until today, as the new generation took over the farms. These farms comprise of "Theodoros Pervoli" and are categorised within the... read more

Total Build
We import only the highest quality and EU manufactured safety masks to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Τούτον’ is the word in the Cypriot dialect which translates to ‘This’. The phrase ‘Τούτον Ένει’ (This is it) is used in Cypriot to express the greatness of something or that it perfectly suits your needs. Τούτον products are not just created to suit the needs of a Cypriot audience, but are for everyone. The products aim to promote Cypriot Customs and Traditions using a modern approach, and to introduce a new identity into the field of design. It is important to us that our clients... read more

Tree.Wear your values
Tree. Wear Your Values. is an online store on and we are based in Limassol. Here, you will find the coolest, zero waste, vegan and sustainable brands of Greece and Cyprus, for women, men and children. Our store includes a variety of selected upcycled, eco-friendly clothing items, bags and accessories made in Greece and promotes zero-waste and sustainable fashion in Cyprus. Shop online zero-waste fashion from some of the best sustainable fashion brands in Greece, we... read more

Valentinos_Ben Art
Contemporary Art by Valentinos Ben "As an artist I prefer to communicate through my work. It’s a reflection of who I am, how I look at our physical and emotional world and how we behave as human beings. Wonder, hope, phantasy, passion, sorrow, melancholy, humor, … it’s all there and I just hope you can feel it." VB

“Good for you, good for our planet and good for our island!” We use quality vegan ingredients such as vegetable oils and butters, organic herbs, seeds, flowers, vegetables, fragrant spices, fruits, pure essential oils and purifying clays. Our products are made the old-fashioned way, without the harsh chemicals and toxic artificials found in the majority of store-bought products. All of our products are completely artisan and handmade, while our ingredients are 70% organic and... read more

Veritas Artis
Wood. Metal. Musical instruments and other reusable items. In combination and harmony to create unique and very special lightings. Each material may become the inspiration of the creation of original artworks. Violins, saxophones, gears, birds cages come again to life to light your places. Behind Veritas Artis lies the figure of Paschalis Panagiotou, a man with an inherent talent in artistic creation. Paschalis Panagiotou started from teenage years dealing with airbrush and graffiti... read more

Hello! We produce all natural playdough (πλαστελίνη) for children and we design and 3d print our own playdough cutters. We create wonderful, original gift sets for children as well as personalized mini gift sets for any event, including birthdays, baptisms and weddings, custom izable to your theme. Give kids the gift of creativity. Spread the significant creative play experiences children can gain through a medium as simple as playdough. Wonderdough playdough is an all natural... read more

Woodys Gifts and Accessories
Unique, handmade Wood Creations! Our passion is wood, our beauty is your imagination. We started designing and hand crafting wooden home decor products like tables, lamps and home accessories. Some months ago we had this great idea that "wood can be worn", so we transformed wood into women accessories, clutch and handbags. So, what we do is handcrafted Wooden Gifts and Women Accessories. Our main material is wood and most of the items we sell are made of plywood. We design and craft each... read more

Work it Urbanly
Work It Urbanly is a small, local workshop that was "born" in early 2017 following warm encouragement from good friends to turn our DIY hobby into a profession! Our aim is to create handmade, unique products out of concrete, metal and wood, with care and passion. We make items that you can use to modernise and decorate your living space or offer to someone as a gift. Our products can also make great wedding or christening favors and corporate gifts!

Yarn Barn
Hello! Welcome to my craft corner where you can order online your own handmade items. Our aim is to let your dreams come true through our products and enjoy them as much as we do, so all our items are made to order! Here you can find and shop online handmade items and cute soft toys for babies and new born boys and girls, made of yarn. Toys, bags, blankets and so much more. Thought of something that you desperately wish to have but you can't find? Ask us and maybe we can do it for you.... read more

ZEW – a line of cosmetics for men who feel a strong affinity with nature. Our care products nourish your skin, body, and beards while allowing you to focus on what matters most – your life adventure. Discover our natural men cosmetics and products made from the resources of the Carpathian Mountains, invest in self-care, be adventurous, be – ZEW.