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We have already several of our partners to get discovered by new customers and to grow their sales online, so why not also you?

No long-term commitment and no exclusivity terms

Our mission is to help you grow further and faster, and not to restrict you. For this reason, we don’t require our partners to sign any long-term contracts or exclusivity terms with us. You simply need to operate your areskee store for a minimum of 6 months, and following this period you can close it at any point after giving us a short notice.

No accumulating expenses for our sellers

Like in every other marketplace, some sellers may require much more time than others to generate a satisfactory number of orders, or may experience some slow months, due to various reasons. During this time, we will be there to help and advise you whenever you seek our support, without charging you anything for operating your online store on our website.

Contact us now

Simply drop us an email at to tells us a few things about your business and to show us some photos of your products. A member of our team will contact you shortly afterwards to answer your questions and walk you through our registration process.

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