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Vegetables, are you getting your five a day ;-) Making vegetables fun!! Vegetables and Fruits are so important for us and our kids! Making the shapes are fun in itself, and then adding features like eyes and gems makes it even more FUN!! Yes! Veggies can be fun, these sets can also be used for role play and making or cooking food! So much fun awaits you and your kids!!

Wonderdough is a non-toxic and all natural, handmade product, infused with calming and healing natural essential oils. So, not only is playing with wonderdough a fun, creative and nurturing activity, it is also completely healthy and even beneficial to your child’s skin.

Squishing, squashing, rolling, cutting, sculpting and moulding provide hours of imaginative, creative fun and learning for children of all ages. Playing with wonderdough is an awesome way for children to pass their time and it has a whole lot of benefits:


Weight: 4 X 90 gr

Materials: natural dyes, natural essential oils and extra virgin olive oil, PLA bio-plastic

There 2 different types of the Vegetable set

The Mini Set Contains: 4 x 90gr tubs of Wonderdough, Set of Vegetable dough cutters, Custom designed dough tools, Mini box of gems & googly eye.

The Large Set Contains: 4 x 125gr tubs of Wonderdough, Set of Vegetable dough cutters Toy mini versions ,for each dough cutter (these are great for small world play, flatten out some Wonderdough and stick the mini toys in and make marks etc.), Custom designed dough tools, Mini tub of gems & googly eyes.

Care: Keep Wonderdough tubs out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. The natural dyes may fade, but come back if you knead it. Keep the tubs tightly sealed when not in use.

Made in Cyprus

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Vegetable Set Wonderdough


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