Store Registration Process

Step 1 of 3: Complete the Registration form

Fill in and submit the registration form HERE.
> The registration of your store is free of charge. If you miss out any of the required fields in the form, those will be highlighted in red when you click the SUBMIT button. Complete those in and try again until you see the confirmation screen.

Step 2 of 3: Send us your logo and storefront image

Email us the the following 2 images to SALES@ARESKEE.COM:
> Your store's Logo (800x800 or larger)
> Your storefront image, that will appear in the "About us" section of your store.

Step 3 of 3: Place the order for your store's setup

Choose any optional services you wish to add and place the order for your store’s setup HERE.
> First create an account on our website and log in to place the order for this service.
> In case you would like us to add your products, you should send us all required information and product images within 2 weeks from the date you submit the registration.
> You will need to include 5 or more items to your store before it can be activated. We reserve the right to exclude/remove items from the product categories of our website if we feel that these include important mistakes/ missing information, or that your image files are too large (e.g. more than 200 kb each).