Our Story

About us

Welcome to Areskee, the online marketplace dedicated to makers, creatives and independent shops based in Cyprus!
Our mission is to discover some of the most exciting artists and craftsmen, as well as some of the most unique independent shops on the island, and provide them with an effective online shop where they can professionally showcase and sell their products to visitors across Cyprus and worldwide. Sellers found on Areskee share the same passion for quality and originality, no matter if they are artists, designers, makers, producers, or independent shopkeepers!
For our visitors, Areskee represents an online marketplace where they can discover unique creations, personalised gifts and hard-to-find products of amazing quality, and buy them directly from multiple sellers across Cyprus in a way that is easy, convenient, secure and enjoyable.

Our team

Areskee is operated by a small team of Cypriots who have been good friends for many years. We are based in Limassol, while our 150+ partners who sell with us are based in various locations across Cyprus, both cities and small villages.
We launched our website with our first 5 sellers in July 2018 after a whole year of intense planning, and we know well that our journey until we turn our business into what we envisioned will be long and full of challenges. At the same time though, we also expect it to be full of new ideas, new experiences and packed with excitement!

Our vision

Our vision is to turn areskee into a brand that inspires, encourages, and empowers talented Cypriots to pursue their dream, by providing them everything that they need to turn their passion into a sustainable business.
Equally, we dream of becoming the go-to market for conscious consumers who understand the importance of supporting the ecosystem of small local businesses, and enjoy discovering items that can say something about who they are as individuals.

Products found on Areskee

Here you can find a wide variety of items sold by small businesses in Cyprus, while the majority of these items are handcrafted and sold directly by the maker. In the different categories on our website you can find art pieces, home decor, skincare and aromatherapy, sustainable clothing, accessories for men and women, items and accessories for kids, gifts and invites for weddings and christenings, local delicacies...and many more!
We are constantly looking for products that can make the everyday lives of our customers a little bit more beautiful and joyful, as well as thoughtful gifts that can put a smile on the faces of the people we care about.

Have any questions, suggestions, or complaints? Your feedback is very valuable to us, so please spare a moment to share your thoughts with our team and help us improve the services we offer you, by sending us a message here.