Payment methods

You can pay for orders that you place on our site using any of the payment methods mentioned below. To protect your privacy and the security of your data, we never store any of your payment details and we never share them with any of our stores.

With Debit or Credit Card

All customers can pay using a credit, debit, or pre-paid card issued by VISA or MasterCard. To complete the payment by card, when you place your order (i.e. the last step of the checkout process) you will be temporarily re-directed to the page of the JCC payment gateway. There you can enter your card details and complete the payment in their fully safe and controlled environment. Once the payment is completed, you are re-directed back to our site and you also receive a confirmation email from us. Never share any of your card details with any of our stores or any of our staff.

With PayPal

Instead of entering your credit card information directly, you can use PayPal for the payment when you place the order. Before you can use Paypal, you will need to have an active PayPal account and also register your credit or debit card with them. When you're ready to make a purchase, select "Pay with PayPal" as the payment option in the last step of the checkout process. You will be directed to PayPal's payment page, where you will need to provide your Paypal username and password. Once the PayPal transaction is completed, you will be re-directed back to our site and you will receive a confirmation email from us.

With Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on Delivery option is offered to our Cyprus-based customers only. With this payment option, customers can pay for their orders by cash when picking up the order from their nearest GAP Akis Express branch or having the items delivered to their door.

The COD payment option is only available for orders within Cyprus of total value up to 100 Euro that do NOT include any non-returnable or personalised items, and includes an additional 1.25 Euro cash handling fee.

* Please note that in case of a product return on an order paid by Cash on Delivery, we will not be able to provide a refund in cash. Instead, we will issue a discount voucher with the same value as that of the returned item(s).

With Wire Transfer

This payment option is available only for quantity orders and specific high-value items. If you choose this payment option, a member of our customer care team will contact you soon after you place the order and will provide you with the bank account details of Areskee Ltd. so that you can transfer the funds.

Please note that the policies that protect you when you use any other payment option on also apply to payments via wire transfer in a similar manner. If for example you successfully cancel or return any items included in an order you placed, you are guaranteed to receive your money back regardless of the payment option that was used.

Have any questions, suggestions, or complaints? Your feedback is very valuable to us, so please spare a moment to share your thoughts with our team and help us improve the services we offer you, by sending us your message here.