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Selling online on Areskee: How much it costs

Did you know that you don't pay any fees for having your online store on areskee?

That's right, with our standard “Pay as you Grow” seller plan, you don’t pay any monthly service or listing fees for operating your online store with us! We also don’t charge anything for the promotion of your products through our website or social media pages.

For all the services, technology and promotional activities we provide, we simply charge a 15% commission + vat on income generated from sales.*

* You have the opportunity to save even more by having a COMPLETELY FREE ONLINE STORE WITH US, with ZERO fees and also ZERO commission! (see Areskee Seller Rewards).

Professional packages tailored to your needs

For our more experienced partners, we also offer professional packages that can be tailored to their needs with additional benefits, such as ongoing services from our team, enhanced promotion of their products and lower commission fees. If you are interested in finding out more, please speak to a member of our team.