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Selling online on Areskee: How we help you grow

It doesn't matter if you are running a very successful online business or if you are taking your first steps. We can help you grow faster and further.

Do you already have an online shop?

- We will provide you an additional sale channel that can help you significantly increase your online sales.
- We will help you to substantially grow your brand’s popularity amongst Cypriots and get discovered by thousands of new consumers who visit our website each month.
- We will help you improve your website’s SEO and rankings.

Do you have a shop on Etsy or any another international online marketplace?

- We will help you to significantly increase your brand’s exposure, popularity and sales within Cyprus, Greece and Greek Cypriot diaspora.
- We will proactively promote your brand, your skills and your products through our website pages, blog articles, social media pages, marketing campaigns and events we occasionally organise.
- We will help you provide a better shopping experience to your local customers through cheaper local delivery options, tracked deliveries, and better customer support from our local team.

Do you have a physical shop but don’t have the time or expertise to take your business online?

- We will enable you to grow your brand’s popularity by giving you access to brand new audiences from Cyprus and around the world, and to also increase the visitors of your physical shop.
- We will deliver your online store withing days and for a minimal cost. We will also continuously improve your online store with new features and increase the traffic of visitors that it attracts.
- We can take care of everything you need to maintain and operate your online store, including your product data entry, stock and price updates, product photography, discounts and many more.

Do you currently sell only through Facebook or Instagram and don’t have the time, money or expertise to build a online shop?

- We will provide you with your own online store, so that you can start developing your product catalogues, offer better and more secure services to your customers, and start selling anywhere in Cyprus and around the world in a professional way.
- We will build your online store and product catalogue for you, and we will provide you all the services and ongoing technical support you need, varying from product photography to data entry.
- We will help you grow your brand’s popularity by promoting you through our social media and website pages, AND your products will be seen by several thousands of people each month.