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Selling online on Areskee: How we help you save money

By having your online store on areskee, you can massively reduce the effort and cost related to the building, maintenance and promotion of your online store.

1. With our standard “Pay as you Grow” seller plan you don’t pay any monthly fees at all. That's right, ZERO MONTHLY FEES!

2. We build your areskee online store according to your needs and we deliver it in just a matter of days, with very little input from you and for a minimal cost.

3. We are already attracting several thousands of visitors on our website each month, who may discover you and shop from your store. Generating such traffic through your own online shop and maintaining it over time would cost you a lot of money.

4. We help you benefit with exclusive offers heavily discounted services, such as cheap product data management services, discounted product photography from our business partners, and lower shipping fees for you and for your customers.

5. If you successfully manage to increase the popularity of your online store, or contribute towards the growth of our community, you will get rewarded with some unbeatable offers, such as paid promotion of your store and 100% commission-free sales! (see Areskee Seller Rewards).