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Light Handmade glycerine aromatherapy soap made of pure and high quality essential oils.

My favourite combination! It is herbal, citrusy and with an aromatherapy effect. The aromatherapy formula of sweet orange, lavender, cypress and a pinch of sage give out a lovely aroma which helps to relax and lighten your mood and offer an emotional uplift.

Glycerine soap is considered to be one of the most moisturising types of soaps. The unique quality of this soap allows it to be both moisturising and effective for all types of skin. The benefits of using this soap are those of healthy and moisturised skin.

If you’ve been using a commercial soap for a long time, you may find your skin has become dry, flaky, and tight. By using this glycerine soap your skin will draw in moisture and lock the water molecules in place. After regular use your skin will feel moist for several hours and gradually make your skin softer.

When skin stays properly hydrated, it helps to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. This makes glycerine soap an anti-aging product, since it keeps your skin healthy.

It’s a great choice for people who have dry or sensitive skin, since glycerine soap naturally has a low pH, helping your skin to retain its natural moisture and remain fresh throughout the day.


  • Content: 100-130 gr Hand cut
  • The product is vegan and SLS FREE

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Light Handmade Soap


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