Why join us?

If you are a Cyprus-based creator, artist, or independent retailer who shares the same values, passion and ambition as the rest of our community, we think we can truly help you grow your presence in many ways, which we describe below.


Vastly grow your base of online customers

Our website attracts a vast number of customers on a daily basis, primarily because of the variety and uniqueness of the products featured and sold. Your collections will be showcased to numerous visitors, most of which you would otherwise find very hard (and very expensive) to reach.

Cross-selling, new regions, new customer groups

Having a business page on Social Media or an e-shop is ok but both of them can only have very limited results in attracting new customer groups, even with aggressive social media advertising. With us, you will have the opportunity to be seen by numerous customers who would have not otherwise find out about you, and your products will be recommended to customers looking at other products similar to yours.

Grow your brand

If you’re looking to get your brand in front of new customers, increase customer loyalty, and grow your business overall, then there’s no better place for doing just that. By becoming a member of our community, not only you have a perfect opportunity to further establish your presence in the market, but to also prove your professionalism and your desire to please your customers. We will provide you with the necessary tools and insights, and will help you to closely monitor and analyse your performance in order to achieve these goals.

Spend your time on what you love

Whether you design, handcraft or discover your items, this is exactly what we want you to spend your time on. This is what you enjoy doing and what brings the passion out of you. At areskee, you can exclusively focus on what you love and leave everything else (such as administration, payments and marketing) to us. We are constantly working on our processes, technology, marketing strategy and other related services, to help you minimise the time and attention you need to spend on all of these activities. No more having endless conversations with customers over Social Media or worrying about which social media strategy to follow. We are here to take the burden off your shoulders by simplifying the way you do business online, thus helping you focus on what matters the most; creating or discovering exceptional products.

Lower your costs

Let us worry about the constantly increasing costs of technology and its maintenance, the customers’ data protection and the discovery of new marketing channels. We offer a comprehensive solution which significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with these activities, especially when compared with other sales channels. This leaves you with more than enough time to concentrate on improving your products and increasing your product line - and not on maintaining a website, or on advertising through channels that can only offer very limited rewards.

Make more inteligent and better informed decisions

Through insightful reporting, and one-on-one discussions with our team we will help you analyse and bench-mark your sales performance, identify ways to increase your customer base, sales and income. We have all the data to produce insightful information that can help you make more intelligent decisions as your areskee.com store grows.

Use the right technology

By joining us, a state of the art technology will be right at your fingertips. We feature powerful software, protected from hackers, and compatible with the latest web technologies, that truly exceeds your expectations. You will be provided with a dedicated administration panel which offers all the tools and reporting you need to easily manage your store, products, and orders from one place. All the menus are conveniently placed and any setting is maximum 3 clicks away. With loads of features and an unmatched level of flexibility, we offer a complete solution for the modern online retailer. Since our technology is web based and features a responsive design, you can manage your store from anywhere and with any device as long as you have access to an internet connection!

Advertise effectively

We use our market expertise and customer knowledge to optimise your advertising whilst minimizing related expenses. By taking advantage of the effective and powerful marketing and communication tools we have (as Cyprus’s first online marketplace of its kind), we can help you catapult your business to new heights.

Express your passion and individuality

No matter how big or small your business is, it is the outcome of your expressed passion and individuality that matters. We will help you communicate your story to a much larger audience, who will get to know who you are and appreciate your efforts.

Success in numbers

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

You are not alone. All our partners want to be successful – in fact our business completely relies on your passion for success. We believe that by being part of an ambitious community that motivates, challenges, inspires, informs, and supports one another, you are far more likely to achieve your goals easier, faster, and more confidently.